3.15A USB Type-C Autonomous Charger for 1-Cell Li+ Batteries

業界初の自律的チャージャ、USB Type-C検出内蔵



The MAX77751 is a standalone, 3.15A charger with integrated USB Type-C® CC detection and reverse boost capability. The fast-charge current and top-off current thresholds are easily configured with resistors. The MAX77751 operates with an input voltage of 4.5V to 13.7V and has a maximum input current limit of 3A. The IC also implements the adaptive input current limit (AICL) function that regulates the input voltage by reducing input current, to prevent the voltage of a weak adapter from collapsing or folding back.

The USB Type-C Configuration Channel (CC) detection pins on the MAX77751 enable automatic USB Type-C power source detection and input current limit configuration. To support a variety of legacy USB as well as proprietary adapters, the IC also integrates BC1.2 detection using the D+ and D- pins. The IC runs the CC detection and BC1.2 detection automatically without any software as soon as the USB plug is inserted.

The IC also offers Reverse-Boost capability up to 5.1V, 1.5A, which can be enabled with the ENBST pin. The STAT pin indicates charging status, while the INOKB pin indicates valid input voltage. Charging can be stopped by pulling the ITOPOFF pin low.

The MAX77751 is equipped with a Smart Power Selector™ and a battery true-disconnect FET to control the charging and discharging of the battery or isolate the battery in case of a fault. The MAX77751 is offered in several variants to support Li-ion batteries with various termination voltages from 4.1V to 4.5V. The IC comes in a 3mm x 3mm, 0.4mm pitch 24-lead FC2QFN package making it suitable for low-cost PCB assembly.
MAX77751:簡易ブロックダイアグラム MAX77751:簡易ブロックダイアグラム 拡大表示+


  • Up to 16V Protection
  • 13.7V Maximum Input Operating Voltage
  • 3.15A Maximum Charging Current
  • 6A Discharge Current Protection
  • No Firmware or Communication Required
  • Integrated USB Detection
    • CC Detection for USB Type-C
    • BC1.2 Detection for Legacy SDP, DCP, and CDP
    • Automatic Input Current Limit Configuration
    • Input Voltage Regulation with Adaptive Input Current Limit (AICL)
  • Reverse Boost Capability up to 5.1V, 1.5A
  • Pin Control of All Functions
    • Resistor-Configurable Fast-Charge Current
    • Resistor-Configurable Top-Off Current
    • ENBST Pin to Enable and Disable Reverse Boost
    • STAT Pin to Indicate Charging Status
    • INOKB Pin to Indicate Input Power-OK (POK)
    • ITOPOFF Pin to Disable Charge
  • Integrated Battery True-Disconnect FET
  • 3mm x 3mm, 24 Lead FC2QFN Package


  • モバイルポイントオブセール(mPOS)端末
  • ポータブル医療機器
  • ワイヤレスヘッドホン
  • GPSトラッカー
  • ウェアラブル機器の充電クレードル
  • パワーバンク
  • モバイルルーター

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Part NumberCharging VIN
Cell Chemistry# Lithium Ion Cells
MAX77751 NEW!143.15

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Part Number
MAX77751 NEW!


MAX77751CEVKIT: MAX77751の評価キット
MAX77751FEVKIT: MAX77751の評価キット
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USB Type-C Charger Detector with Integrated OVP

  • Low Power Consumption
  • Delivers USB Compliance and Flexibility
  • Simplifies Complex System Designs

4.5V to 60V, Synchronous Step-Down Supercapacitor Charger Controller

  • Optimized Feature Set for Supercapacitor Charging
  • Reliable Operation in Adverse Environmental Conditions


3.15A USB Type-C Autonomous Charger for 1-Cell Li+ Batteries

  • Up to 16V Protection
  • 13.7V Maximum Input Operating Voltage
  • 3.15A Maximum Charging Current

23VIN 3.2AOUT USB-Cバックブーストチャージャ、FET内蔵、2Sリチウムイオンバッテリ用

  • 入力動作範囲:3.5V~23V (耐圧:30VDC)
  • 逆リーク保護
  • 設定可能な入力電流制限:50mA~3.15A

2S~4S ModelGauge m5 EZ残量ゲージ、プロテクタ、内部自己放電検出、およびSHA-256認証内蔵

  • バッテリヘルス + 設定可能な安全性/保護
  • ModelGauge m5 EZアルゴリズム
  • 較正なしで高精度の測定

種類 ID タイトル
評価ボード10672MAX77751CEVKIT MAX77751の評価キット
評価ボード10672MAX77751FEVKIT MAX77751の評価キット