パスFET、サーマルレギュレーション、およびACOKフラグ内蔵、リニアLi+ (リチウムイオン)バッテリチャージャ、3mm x 3mm TDFN



The MAX1508 is an intelligent, stand-alone constant-current, constant-voltage (CCCV), thermally regulated linear charger for a single-cell lithium-ion (Li+) battery. The MAX1508 integrates the current-sense circuit, MOS pass element, and thermal-regulation circuitry, and also eliminates the reverse-blocking Schottky diode, to create the simplest and smallest charging solution for hand-held equipment.

The MAX1508 functions as a stand-alone charger to control the charging sequence from the prequalification state through fast-charge, top-off charge, and full-charge indication. The MAX1508Y and MAX1508Z eliminate the prequalification state to allow startup into a load without a battery.

Proprietary thermal-regulation circuitry limits the die temperature to +100°C when fast charging or while exposed to high ambient temperatures, allowing maximum charging current without damaging the IC.

The MAX1508 achieves high flexibility by providing an adjustable fast-charge current by an external resistor. Other features include the charging status (active-low CHG) of the battery, an active-low control input (active-low EN) for the MAX1508 and MAX1508Z (active-high control input for the MAX1508Y), and an active-low input power-source detection output (active-low ACOK).

The MAX1508 accepts a +4.25V to +13V supply, but disables charging when the input voltage exceeds +7V to protect against unqualified or faulty AC adapters. The MAX1508 operates over the extended temperature range (-40°C to +85°C) and is available in a compact 8-pin thermally enhanced 3mm x 3mm thin DFN package with 0.8mm height.
MAX1508、MAX1508Y、MAX1508Z:標準動作回路 MAX1508、MAX1508Y、MAX1508Z:標準動作回路 拡大表示+


  • Stand-Alone Linear 1-Cell Li+ Battery Charger
  • No External FET, Reverse-Blocking Diode, or Current-Sense Resistor Required
  • Programmable Fast-Charge Current (0.8A max)
  • Proprietary Die-Temperature Regulation Control (+100°C)
  • +4.25V to +13V Input Voltage Range with Input Overvoltage Protection (OVP) Above +7V
  • Charge-Current Monitor for Fuel Gauging
  • Low Dropout Voltage—130mV at 0.425A
  • Input Power-Source Detection Output (Active-Low ACOK)
  • Soft-Start Limits Inrush Current
  • No Prequalification State for the MAX1508Y and MAX1508Z
  • Charge Status Output (Active-Low CHG) for LED or Microprocessor Interface
  • Small 3mm x 3mm 8-Pin Thin DFN Package, 0.8mm High
  • Active-Low Charge Enable (Active-Low EN) (MAX1508 and MAX1508Z)
  • Active-High Charge Enable (EN) (MAX1508Y)


  • Bluetooth®機器
  • 携帯電話/コードレス電話
  • 充電用クレードルおよびドック
  • デジタルカメラおよびMP3プレーヤー
  • PDA
  • USBアプライアンス

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Part NumberLithium Ion CellsProtected VIN
Charging VIN
Charge Rate Set byMax. ICHG
Charge TerminationCharge RegulationOper. Temp.
maxmaxSee Notes
MAX1508 1137Resistor0.8External ControlLinear-40 to +85
$2.11 @1k


MAX1507EVKIT: MAX1507、MAX1508の評価キット
MAX1508EVKIT: MAX1507、MAX1508の評価キット


信頼性レポートをリクエスト: MAX1508Y 
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  • AEC-Q100グレード2温度範囲
  • 動作電圧:9V~65V
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