The DS80C320/DS80C323 are fast 80C31/80C32-compatible microcontrollers. Wasted clock and memory cycles have been removed using a redesigned processor core. As a result, every 8051 instruction is executed between 1.5 and 3 times faster than the original for the same crystal speed. Typical applications see a speed improvement of 2.5 times using the same code and same crystal. The DS80C320 offers a maximum crystal rate of 33MHz, resulting in apparent execution speeds of 82.5MHz (approximately 2.5X).

The DS80C320/DS80C323 are pin compatible with all three packages of the standard 80C32 and offer the same timer/counters, serial port, and I/O ports. In short, the devices are extremely familiar to 8051users, but provide the speed of a 16-bit processor.

The DS80C320 provides several extras in addition to greater speed. These include a second full hardware serial port, seven additional interrupts, programmable watchdog timer, power-fail interrupt and reset. The device also provides dual data pointers (DPTRs) to speed block data memory moves. It can also adjust the speed of off-chip data memory access to between two and nine machine cycles for flexibility in selecting memory and peripherals.

The DS80C320 operating voltage ranges from 4.25V to 5.5V, making it ideal as a high-performance upgrade to existing 5V systems. For applications in which power consumption is critical, the DS80C323 offers the same feature set as the DS80C320, but with 2.7V to 5.5V operation.

Designers must have two documents to fully use all the features of this device: this data sheet and the High-Speed Microcontroller User's Guide, available on our website at www.maximintegrated.com/microcontrollers. Data sheets contain pin descriptions, feature overviews, and electrical specifications, whereas our user's guides contain detailed information about device features and operation.
DS80C320、DS80C323:ブロックダイアグラム DS80C320、DS80C323:ブロックダイアグラム 拡大表示+


  • 80C32-Compatible
    • 8051 Pin and Instruction Set Compatible
    • Four 8-Bit I/O Ports
    • Three 16-Bit Timer/Counters
    • 256 Bytes Scratchpad RAM
    • Addresses 64kB ROM and 64kB RAM
  • High-Speed Architecture:
    • 4 Clocks/Machine Cycle (8032 = 12)
    • DC to 33MHz (DS80C320)
    • DC to 18MHz (DS80C323)
    • Single-Cycle Instruction in 121ns
    • Uses Less Power for Equivalent Work
    • Dual Data Pointer
    • Optional Variable Length MOVX to Access Fast/Slow RAM/Peripherals
  • High-Integration Controller Includes:
    • Power-Fail Reset
    • Programmable Watchdog Timer
    • Early Warning Power-Fail Interrupt
  • Two Full-Duplex Hardware Serial Ports
  • 13 Total Interrupt Sources with Six External
  • Available in 40-Pin DIP, 44-Pin PLCC, and 44-Pin TQFP
Part NumberMCU CoreCore Clock Speed
Data ProcessingUSARTsTimer FeaturesPackage/PinsBudgetary
maxSee Notes
DS80C320 8051 (CISC)338-bit2Watchdog
$8.79 @1k
DS80C323 18
$4.07 @1k
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ユーザーガイド 4827 High-Speed Microcontroller User's Guide
アプリケーションノート 4427 Demonstrating Green Technology with Apples, Oranges, Lemons, and Limes
アプリケーションノート 4335 省エネルギー:塵も積もれば山となる
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アプリケーションノート 3421 Interfacing 8051-based Microcontrollers to an SCI Port
アプリケーションノート 2035 高速8051マイクロコントローラ:進歩と革新を先導する
アプリケーションノート 1087 Micro Tutorial 1: Understanding DC Electrical Characteristics of Microcontrollers
アプリケーションノート 610 Replacing an Atmel TS80C51U2 with a DS80C320/323 Microcontroller
アプリケーションノート 595 8051 Microcontrollers: Frequently Asked Questions
アプリケーションノート 548 Using the High-Speed Micro's Watchdog Timer
アプリケーションノート 137 8051マイクロプロセッサのクロックとしてのEconOscillator™の使用
アプリケーションノート 75 Using the High-Speed Micro's Serial Ports


製品の信頼性レポート: DS80C323.pdf 


高速マイクロコントローラのユーザガイド (PDF, English only)

CAD Symbols and Footprints

  • DS80C323-ECD
  • DS80C323-ECD+
  • DS80C323-ECD+T&R
  • DS80C323-END
  • DS80C323-END+
  • DS80C323-MCD
  • DS80C323-MCD+
  • DS80C323-QCD
  • DS80C323-QCD+
  • DS80C323-QND+
  • DS80C323-QND+T&R
  • DS80C323-QND/T&R
  • デバイス   ウェハープロセス   プロセス技術   サンプルサイズ   不合格   FIT (25°C)   FIT (55°C)  

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    Low-Power Arm Cortex-M4 Microcontroller with Contactless Radio for Secure Applications

    • High-Efficiency Microcontroller for Secure Battery-Powered Applications
    • Scalable Cached External Memory Interfaces
    • Security Features Facilitates System-Level Protection


    • 高性能CPUプラットフォームによって充実した機能を備えたOSを実現
    • セキュリティ機能によってシステムレベルの保護を容易に実現
    • 最適なペリフェラルミックスによってプラットフォームの拡張性を提供

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