MAX-ECG-MONITORはAndroid® OS機器との組み合わせで動作し、各センサーのリアルタイム測定値を表示します。また、測定された生データをヘルスセンサー信号から捕捉して保存し、使用例の結果および概要のカスタム開発のための完全なアクセスを可能にします。


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  • HR検出アルゴリズム内蔵超低電力ECG AFEのMAX30003をベースとする、医療グレードのECGおよび心拍数の測定と分析
  • ECGベースの使用例用の独自の機器内蔵アプリ開発のためのオープンAPI
  • 追加のオンボードセンサー:加速度、ジャイロスコープ、および地磁気計


  • アスリート用ストレステスト
  • 組込みフィットネスおよびヘルスモニタリング衣料品
  • フィットネスモニタリングチェストストラップ
  • 医療用心拍数信号パッチ


アプリケーションノート 6950 A Customizable ECG Monitor You Can Call Your Own
チュートリアル 6778 How to Measure Biopotential ECG Using a Chest Strap
ユーザーガイド 6732 Maxim ECG Monitor User's Guide



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Quick Start Guide for the MAX-ECG-MONITOR

What You Need

  • Chest strap or adhesive electrodes (both provided)
  • Android® device (e.g., phone, tablet, etc.) with Bluetooth connection for data logging

Power On/Off
The MAX-ECG-MONITOR turns on automatically when it detects a heartbeat through the electrodes. A red LED flashes on the top of the monitor to indicate that it is on.

The monitor automatically powers off when no heartbeat is detected across the electrodes (for example, when the device is not worn).

Wearing the ECG Monitor

  1. Snap the monitor into the chest strap connector.
  2. Moisten the strap electrode areas with water or electrode gel.
  3. Adjust the strap length to fit tightly but comfortably around your chest below the chest muscles with the Maxim logo facing out.
  4. Ensure the moist electrode areas are firmly pressed against your skin
  5. For applications where more secured mounting is desired, use the adhesive electrodes (red) instead of the chest strap. NOTE: Detach the monitor and rinse the chest strap under running water after every use. Dry the strap and electrodes. Sweat and moisture left on the electrodes can keep the device on unnecessarily and reduce battery life.

NOTE: The adhesive electrodes are for single-time use and may be left on the skin up to a few days. More supplies can be ordered from

Movesense® Showcase App
The ECG monitor can be paired with an Android-based device, such as phone or tablet, for viewing and logging data through the Movesense Showcase app for Android.

Installing the App

  1. Save the provided .apk-file to a location that you can access by phone (for example, to the phone's storage if you have a file browser or to Dropbox®).
  2. Open the file, which prompts you to install the Movesense Showcase app. The main screen of the app is shown below.

    Movesense Showcase main screen. Figure 1. Movesense Showcase main screen.

Connecting to an ECG Monitor

  1. To connect the MoveSense app to an ECG monitor, press the Movesense icon in the app—devices available for Bluetooth® connection are then displayed (see figure below).

    ECG monitors available for connection. Figure 2. ECG monitors available for connection.

  2. Click on the appropriate monitor to connect. The connection can take 10 seconds to 30 seconds to establish.

Using the App

Sensor Measurements
After a successful connection, a list appears to show all the measurement applications that are available.

  1. Scroll down the screen to reveal a complete list (see figures below, result split in two images).

    List of sensors. List of sensors.
    Figure 3. List of sensors.

  2. Select the desired measurement application.

    For example, click on the ECG item to bring up the ECG measurement screen (see figure below).

    Inactive ECG measurement application. Figure 4. Inactive ECG measurement application.

  3. Activate the measurement application by sliding the Subscribe button to the right.

    In this example, the button becomes blue and the ECG chart is displayed at the bottom of the screen (see figure below). Data is logged into a file called *_EcgActivityGraphView.csv in the local MoveSense folder.

    Activated ECG measurement application. Figure 5. Activated ECG measurement application.

Other measurements include heart rate, temperature, and motion sensing. Refer to the "Maxim ECG Monitor User's Guide" for a complete description of each available measurement.

The monitor uses a 3V lithium cell battery (CR 2025). Refer to the user's manual for instructions to replace the battery.

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  • チャネル単位の設定自由度によって広範囲のアプリケーションを実現
  • 内蔵診断機能による耐障害性
  • 高集積によって部品数およびPCBスペースを削減

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アプリケーションノート 6950 A Customizable ECG Monitor You Can Call Your Own
チュートリアル 6778 How to Measure Biopotential ECG Using a Chest Strap
ユーザーガイド 6732 Maxim ECG Monitor User's Guide