The DS2490 is a bridge chip that enables communication between a USB host system and a 1-Wire® bus. It provides regular, overdrive, and flexible 1-Wire communication speeds and a full-speed 12Mbps connection to USB. USB vendor-specific commands defined in this specification are used to control the DS2490 and communicate with attached 1-Wire devices. A functional block diagram of the DS2490 is shown in Figure 1 of the full data sheet.


  • Communicates at regular and overdrive 1-Wire speeds
  • Supports stiff 5V pullup for EEPROM, sensors, and crypto iButton®
  • Slew rate controlled 1-Wire timing and active pullup to accommodate long 1-Wire network lines and reduce radiation
  • Programmable 1-Wire timing and driver characteristics accommodate a wide range of 1-Wire network configurations
  • Low- to high-level command types, including macros, for generating 1-Wire communication
  • Crystal oscillator timebase provides precision timed 1-Wire waveforms
  • High-speed 12Mbps Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface
  • Integrated USB-compliant transceiver
  • Supports USB remote wake-up from a 1-Wire device event to resume a suspended host system
  • 0°C to +70°C operating temperature range
デバイス   ウェハープロセス   プロセス技術   サンプルサイズ   不合格   FIT (25°C)   FIT (55°C)  

注: 不良率はプロセス技術ごとにまとめられ、関連する型番にマッピングされます。 不良率はテストされたユニット数に大きく依存します。

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