±15kV ESD保護、USBレベルトランスレータ、UCSPパッケージ

業界最小±15kV ESD保護USBレベル変換器



The MAX3340E/MAX3343E bidirectional level translators convert logic-level signals to USB signals, and USB signals to logic-level signals. They include the 1.5kΩ USB termination resistor internally, and support both full-speed (12Mbps) and low-speed (1.5Mbps) USB operation. They have built-in ±15kV ESD protection circuitry to guard the USB I/O pins, D+ and D-.

The MAX3340E/MAX3343E operate with VL at voltages as low as 1.8V, ensuring compatibility with low-voltage ASICs. The MAX3340E/MAX3343E feature a logic- selectable suspend mode that lowers current draw to less than 200µA. The MAX3340E/MAX3343E have a unique reenumerate feature that allows changes in USB communication protocol while the power is on. The MAX3340E/MAX3343E are fully compliant with USB specification 1.1, and the full-speed and low-speed operation under USB specification 2.0.

The MAX3340E/MAX3343E are available in the miniature 4 x 4 chip-scale package, as well as the small 14-pin TSSOP, and are rated for the -40°C to +85°C extended temperature range.


  • ±15kV ESD Protection on D+ and D-
  • Internal Linear Regulator Allows Direct Powering from the USB
  • Internal 1.5kΩ Termination Resistor for Low/Full Speed
  • Support Low-Speed and Full-Speed USB Communications
  • Comply with USB Standard 1.1
  • Three-State Outputs
  • Reenumerate with Power Applied
  • Up to 15mA Available from the +3.3V Linear Regulator to Power External Circuitry
  • No Power-Supply Sequencing Required
  • Operate with VL of 1.8V to 3.6V, Ensuring Compatibility with Low-Voltage ASICs
  • Available in Miniature Chip-Scale Package
  • アプリケーション/用途

    • 携帯電話
    • データクレードル
    • MP3プレーヤー
    • PC周辺機器
    • PDA


    製品の信頼性レポート: MAX3340E.pdf 
    デバイス   ウェハープロセス   プロセス技術   サンプルサイズ   不合格   FIT (25°C)   FIT (55°C)  

    注: 不良率はプロセス技術ごとにまとめられ、関連する型番にマッピングされます。 不良率はテストされたユニット数に大きく依存します。

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    100Mbps Full-Duplex 3V/5V RS-485/RS-422 Transceiver with High EFT Immunity

    • High-Speed Operation
    • Integrated Protection Increases Robustness
    • Flexibility for Many Different Applications

    13-Bit GMSL Serializer with High-Immunity/ Bandwidth Mode and Coax/STP Cable Drive

  • Ideal for Safety Camera Applications
    • Works with Low-Cost 50Ω Coax (100Ω STP) Cables
    • Error Detection of Video/Control Data
    • High-Immunity Mode for Robust Control-Channel EMC Tolerance
  • High-Speed Data Serialization for Megapixel Cameras
    • Up to 1.74Gbps Serial-Bit Rate
    • 12.5MHz to 116MHz x 12-Bit + H/V Data through Internal Encoding
  • Multiple Modes for System Flexibility
    • 9.6kbps to 1Mbps Control Channel in I²C Mode (with Clock Stretch)
    • Crosspoint Switch Accepts Any Input Bitmap
    • Modes for Encoded VSYNC and HSYNC

  • MAX20463
    車載USB Type-A-Type-Cポートコンバータ、保護内蔵

    • USB Type-C R1.3準拠、VBUS放電内蔵
    • ヘッドユニットプロテクタとの協調的な保護用に設計
    • 堅牢な設計によって車載環境で車載システムとポータブル機器の安全を維持


    • カーバッテリからポータブル機器への直接給電を実現するワンチップType-Cソリューション
    • ポータブル機器に最適なUSB充電および通信
    • 低ノイズ機能によってAM帯域やポータブル機器への干渉を防止