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The DS1921K Thermochron iButton® Starter Kit provides the basic hardware for a quick evaluation of Maxim’s Thermochron iButton family that communicates using the 1-Wire® protocol. The kit uses the USB port of a Microsoft Windows®-based Personal Computer running Vista®, XP SP2 (or higher), or Microsoft Server Operating Systems Windows 2003 or 2008. The kit includes a DS1921 Thermochron iButton device and all hardware required to communicate with it. The DS1921K is also capable of evaluating any other iButton devices, including the high-capacity Thermochron devices (DS1922L, DS1922T, and DS1923), the Hygrochron device (DS1923), and the temperature-only iButton device (DS1920). Please note that the DS1921 is the only iButton device included in the kit. All other iButton devices may be purchased separately. The easy setup process includes the free download of 1-Wire drivers and the OneWireViewer demonstration software to easily communicate with iButton devices through the PC's USB port. The download site for the free 1-Wire drivers and bundled OneWireViewer is found at:


For software developers who wish to create custom iButton applications, Maxim provides documentation and a free library of source code examples at www.maximintegrated.com/ibutton under the Software Development Kits link. Please check our website regularly for software updates.

To evaluate plastic-packaged 1-Wire devices instead of the iButton form factor, use the DS9090K instead of the DS1921K. To evaluate other iButton devices besides the Thermochron devices, see the DS9092K.

EV Kit Contents
1 DS1921G-F5# Thermochron iButton
1 DS9093F Snap-in Fob, Black
1 DS1402D-DR8 dual Blue Dot™ Receptor
1 DS9490R USB to 1-Wire adapter
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  • Starter Kit to evaluate the DS1921 Thermochron iButton temperature recording device with a Microsoft Windows-based PC
  • Easy Setup with USB Adapter
  • Free download of 1-Wire drivers and OneWireViewer Demonstration Software
  • Compatible with other Thermochron iButton devices DS1922L, DS1922T, DS1922E, DS1923 (not included)

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Part NumberThermochron Kit
DS1921K Yes



チュートリアル 4373 OneWireViewerおよびiButtonクイックスタートガイド
アプリケーションノート 1100 白書5:データシートコマンドに対する1-Wire APIの使用
アプリケーションノート 126 ソフトウェアを介した1-Wire通信
信頼性レポートをリクエスト: DS1921K 
デバイス   ウェハープロセス   プロセス技術   サンプルサイズ   不合格   FIT (25°C)   FIT (55°C)   Material Composition  

注: 不良率はプロセス技術ごとにまとめられ、関連する型番にマッピングされます。 不良率はテストされたユニット数に大きく依存します。

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種類 ID タイトル
チュートリアル 4373 OneWireViewerおよびiButtonクイックスタートガイド
アプリケーションノート 1100 白書5:データシートコマンドに対する1-Wire APIの使用
アプリケーションノート 126 ソフトウェアを介した1-Wire通信