CDMA IF VGAおよびI/Q復調器、VCOおよび合成付

完全CDMA IFサブシステム



The MAX2306/MAX2308/MAX2309 are IF receivers designed for dual-band, dual-mode, and single-mode N-CDMA and W-CDMA cellular phone systems. The signal path consists of a variable-gain amplifier (VGA) and I/Q demodulator. The devices feature guaranteed +2.7V operation, a gain control range of over 110dB, and high input IP3 (-31dBm at 35dB gain, 3.4dBm at -35dB gain).

Unlike similar devices, the MAX2306 family of receivers includes dual oscillators and synthesizers to form a self-contained IF subsystem. The synthesizer's reference and RF dividers are fully programmable through a 3-wire serial bus, enabling dual-band system architectures using any common reference and IF frequency. The differential baseband outputs have enough bandwidth to suit both N-CDMA and W-CDMA systems, and offer saturated output levels of 2.7Vp-p at a low +2.75V supply voltage. Including the low-noise voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) and synthesizer, the MAX2306 draws only 26mA from a +2.75V supply in CDMA (differential IF) mode.

The MAX2306/MAX2308/MAX2309 are available in 28-pin QFN packages.

MAX2306、MAX2308、MAX2309:ファンクションダイアグラム MAX2306、MAX2308、MAX2309:ファンクションダイアグラム 拡大表示+


  • Complete IF Subsystem Includes VCO and Synthesizer
  • Supports Dual-Band, Triple-Mode Operation
  • VGA with >110dB Gain Control
  • Quadrature Demodulator
  • High Output Level (2.7V)
  • Programmable Charge-Pump Current
  • Supports Any IF Frequency Between 40MHz and 300MHz
  • 3-Wire Programmable Interface
  • Low Supply Voltage (+2.7V)
  • アプリケーション/用途

    • Globalstarデュアルモード携帯電話
    • シングル/デュアル/トリプルモードCDMA携帯電話
    • WCDMA携帯電話
    • ワイヤレスデータリンク
    • ワイヤレスローカルループ(WLL)

    MAX2306EVKIT: MAX2306、MAX2308、MAX2309の評価キット
    MAX2308EVKIT: MAX2306、MAX2308、MAX2309の評価キット
    MAX2309EVKIT: MAX2306、MAX2308、MAX2309の評価キット
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    • 周波数範囲:925MHz~2175MHz
    • モノリシックVCO
    • 広ダイナミックレンジ:-75dBm~0dBm