The MAX3969 is a recommended upgrade for the MAX3964 and MAX3968. The MAX3964A limiting amplifier, with 2mVP-P input sensitivity and PECL data outputs, is ideal for low-cost ATM, FDDI, and Fast Ethernet fiber optic applications.

The MAX3964A features an integrated power detector that senses the input-signal power. It provides a received-signal-strength indicator (RSSI), which is an analog indication of the power level and complementary PECL loss-of-signal (LOS) outputs, which indicate when the power level drops below a programmable threshold. The threshold can be adjusted to detect signal amplitudes as low as 2.7mVP-P. An optional squelch function disables switching of the data outputs by holding them at a known state during an LOS condition.

The MAX3968 provides the same functionality as the MAX3964A, but has data-output edge speed suitable for ESCON and 266Mbps fibre channel applications.

The MAX3964A/MAX3968 are available in die form, as tested wafers, and in 20-pin QSOP packages. The MAX3964AETP is available in a 20-pin thin QFN package.
MAX3964、MAX3965、MAX3968:標準動作回路 MAX3964、MAX3965、MAX3968:標準動作回路 拡大表示+


  • Single Supply: +3.0V to +5.5V
  • 2mVP-P Input Sensitivity
  • 1.2ns Output Edge Speed
  • Loss-of-Signal Detector with Programmable Threshold
  • Analog Received-Signal-Strength Indicator
  • Output Squelch Function
  • Compatible with 4B/5B Data Coding


  • 125Mbps FDDIレシーバ
  • 155Mbps FTTxレシーバ
  • 155Mbps LAN ATMレシーバ
  • ESCONレシーバ
  • 高速イーサネットレシーバ
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注: 不良率はプロセス技術ごとにまとめられ、関連する型番にマッピングされます。 不良率はテストされたユニット数に大きく依存します。

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