The MAX3664 low-power transimpedance preamplifier for 622Mbps SDH/SONET applications consumes only 85mW. Operating from a single +3.3V supply, it converts a small photodiode current to a measurable differential voltage. A DC cancellation circuit provides a true differential output swing over a wide range of input current levels, thus reducing pulse-width distortion. The differential outputs are back-terminated with 60Ω per side.

The transimpedance gain is nominally 6kΩ. For input signal levels beyond approximately 100µAp-p, the amplifier will limit the output swing to 900mV. The MAX3664's low 55nA input noise provides a typical sensitivity of -33.2dBm in 1300nm, 622Mbps receivers.

The MAX3664 is designed to be used in conjunction with the MAX3675 clock recovery and data retiming IC with limiting amplifier. Together, they form a complete 3.3V, 622Mbps SDH/SONET receiver.

In die form, the MAX3664 is designed to fit on a header with a PIN diode. It includes a filter connection, which provides positive bias for the photodiode through a 1kΩ resistor to VCC. The device is also available in 8-pin SO and µMAX packages.


  • Single +3.3V Supply Operation
  • 55nARMS Input-Referred Noise
  • 6kΩ Gain
  • 85mW Power
  • 300µA Peak Input Current
  • 200ps Max Pulse-Width Distortion
  • Differential Output Drives 100Ω Load
  • 590MHz Bandwidth
  • アプリケーション/用途

    • PIN/プリアンプ・レシーバ
    • SDH/SONETの再生器
    • SDH/SONETレシーバ


  • MAX3664EUA SPICE入力/出力モデル
  • 製品の信頼性レポート: MAX3664.pdf 
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