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The MAX133 and MAX134 are integrating A/D converters for 3¾ digit multimeters and data acquisition systems such as data loggers and weigh scales. The A/D's internal resolution is ±40,000 counts. An extra digit is supplied as a guard digit to allow autozero or tare of a 4000 count displayed reading to 1/10 of a displayed count. The conversion time is 50ms.

The MAX133 and MAX134 differ only in their microprocessor interface. The MAX133 has a 4 bit multiplexed address/data bus while the MAX134 has 3 separate address lines and a 4 bit bidirectional data bus. Both devices can be used with 4, 8, and 16 bit microprocessors.

When controlled by a microprocessor, the MAX133 and MAX134 can perform auto-ranging measurements from ±400.0mV to ±4000V full scale. External attenuator resistors are required, but range switching is performed by the A/D.

The power supply is typically a 9V battery or ±5V. Operating current is typically 100µA while standby current is only 25µA.
MAX133、MAX134:ピン配置 MAX133、MAX134:ピン配置 拡大表示+


  • 40,000 Count Resolution
  • 0.025% Accuracy
  • 20 Conversions per Second
  • Microprocessor Interface
  • 100µA Operating Supply Current
  • Low External Component Count
  • 5µV Resolution
  • Demonstration Kit Available MAX134/DEMO


  • データ収集システム
  • データロガー
  • デジタルパネルメータ
  • 重量計

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MAX134EVKIT: MAX134の評価キット
信頼性レポートをリクエスト: MAX134 
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種類 ID タイトル
評価ボード6752MAX134EVKIT MAX134の評価キット
評価ボード1363MAX134EVSYS MAX134のPCベース評価システム