The MAX1156/MAX1158/MAX1174 14-bit, low-power, successive-approximation analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) feature automatic power-down, a factory-trimmed internal clock, and a byte-wide parallel interface. The devices operate from a single +4.75V to +5.25V analog supply and feature a separate digital supply input for direct interface with +2.7V to +5.25V digital logic.

The MAX1156 accepts a 0 to +10V analog input voltage range. The MAX1158 accepts a ±10V bipolar analog input voltage range, while the MAX1174 accepts a ±5V bipolar analog input voltage range. All devices consume no more than 26.5mW at a sampling rate of 135ksps when using an external reference, and 31mW when using the internal +4.096V reference. AutoShutdown™ reduces supply current to 0.4mA (typ) at 10ksps.

The MAX1156/MAX1158/MAX1174 are ideal for high-performance, battery-powered, data-acquisition applications. Excellent AC performance (THD = -100dB) and DC accuracy (±1 LSB INL) make the MAX1156/ MAX1158/MAX1174 ideal for industrial process control, instrumentation, and medical applications.

The MAX1156/MAX1158/MAX1174 are available in a 20-pin TSSOP package and are fully specified over the -40°C to +85°C extended temperature range and the 0°C to +70°C commercial temperature range.
MAX1156、MAX1158、MAX1174:標準動作回路 MAX1156、MAX1158、MAX1174:標準動作回路 拡大表示+


  • Byte-Wide Parallel Interface
  • Analog Input Voltage Range: ±10V, ±5V, 0 to 10V
  • Single +4.75V to +5.25V Analog Supply Voltage
  • Interface with +2.7V to +5.25V Digital Logic
  • ±1 LSB INL (max)
  • ±1 LSB DNL (max)
  • Low Supply Current (max)
    • 2.9mA (External Reference)
    • 3.8mA (Internal Reference)
    • 5µA AutoShutdown Mode
  • Small Footprint
  • 20-Pin TSSOP Package


  • データ収集システム
  • I/Oモジュール
  • 産業用プロセス制御
  • 高精度計測器
  • 温度検出および監視

MAX1179EVKIT: MAX1156、MAX1157、MAX1158、MAX1159、MAX1174、MAX1175、MAX1177、MAX1179、MAX1187、およびMAX1189の評価キット
信頼性レポートをリクエスト: MAX1174 
デバイス   ウェハープロセス   プロセス技術   サンプルサイズ   不合格   FIT (25°C)   FIT (55°C)   Material Composition  

注: 不良率はプロセス技術ごとにまとめられ、関連する型番にマッピングされます。 不良率はテストされたユニット数に大きく依存します。

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