The MAX4741/MAX4742/MAX4743 are low on-resistance, low-voltage, dual single-pole/single-throw (SPST) analog switches that operate from a single +1.6V to +3.6V supply. These devices have fast switching speeds (tON = 24ns, tOFF = 16ns max), handle rail-to-rail analog signals, and consume less than 1µW of quiescent power. The MAX4743 has break-before-make switching.

When powered from a +3V supply, the MAX4741/MAX4742/MAX4743 feature low 0.8Ω (max) on-resistance (RON), with 0.08Ω (max) RON matching and 0.18Ω RON flatness. The digital logic input is 1.8V CMOS compatible when using a single +3V supply.

The MAX4741 has two normally open (NO) switches, the MAX4742 has two normally closed (NC) switches, and the MAX4743 has one NO switch and one NC switch. The MAX4741 is available in 8-pin µDFN (2mm x 2mm), 8-pin SOT23, and 8-pin µMAX® packages. The MAX4742/MAX4743 are available in 8-pin SOT23 and 8-pin µMAX packages.
MAX4741、MAX4742、MAX4743:ピン配置 MAX4741、MAX4742、MAX4743:ピン配置 拡大表示+


  • Low RON:
    • 0.8Ω max (+3V Supply)
    • 2.5Ω max (+1.8V Supply)
  • 0.18Ω max RON Flatness (+3V Supply)
  • +1.6V to +3.6V Single-Supply Operation
  • Available in SOT23 and µMAX Packages
  • High-Current Handling Capacity (150mA continuous)
  • 1.8V CMOS Logic Compatible (+3V Supply)
  • Fast Switching: tON = 24ns, tOFF = 16ns


  • オーディオおよびビデオ信号ルーティング
  • バッテリ駆動システム
  • 携帯電話
  • 通信回路
  • ハードドライブ
  • 低電圧データ収集システム
  • モデム
  • PCMCIAカード
  • パワールーティング

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製品の信頼性レポート: MAX4742.pdf 
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