Lead (SnPb) Finish for COTS Parts

Maxim offers a lead-finish (SnPb) option to mil/aero customers who require lead-finished products instead of the standard RoHS-compliant (lead-free) COTS parts. This special program applies to virtually any Maxim COTS plastic part.

Lead-Finish Program Description

  • A low minimum order quantity (MOQ) is required
  • Matte tin (Sn) finished COTS parts are taken from lead-free inventory and refinished with a 63/37 SnPb hot-solder dip
  • These lead-refinished products are marked with orange epoxy dot per GEIA-STD-0006
  • All parts are fully tested using the original QCI test program
  • XRF data is available upon request (the original matte tin finish is gone ; thus can no longer create tin whiskers)
  • Maxim warranty applies
  • Part number suffix: /GG8

View list of all lead finish (/GG8) parts.

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