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We Love Startups! Let Us Help You Prototype Quickly

April 27, 2017

David Andeen By: David Andeen
Applications Director, Core Products Group, Maxim Integrated

Recently, I attended a startup event and saw a bunch of really cool companies with solutions to a variety of things. Some were cool IoT-based products, others were apps, and still others were interesting AI types of applications. At the end of the day, this event demonstrated that there are a lot of really smart people with lots of energy working on some really innovative technologies.

My take-away from this is, companies that are working to get their new products to market need to:

  • Turn their ideas into working prototypes quickly (Most companies that I saw at the event were showing incremental revenue in 2+ years)
  • Get fast access to the underlying ICs to support their efforts

Clearly, time is of the essence for most young companies. With seed money burning and competitive pressures looming, there just isn’t a lot of time to do a lot of design iterations. That’s when it became very clear to me that a company like Maxim, which is all about empowering design innovation, can help startups swiftly turn their concepts into prototypes that work right the first time.

Don’t Sacrifice Design Quality or Speed

If you’re just getting started, working with Maxim means that you won’t have to sacrifice design quality or speed. Maxim develops high-quality ICs used in a wide range of end application areas, including the internet of things (IoT), wearables, and medical and mobile devices. Working with us means that:

  • You get access to advanced, high-quality technology. One point here I want to emphasize is, the market is filled with products that are low in cost as well as quality. It’s hard to win the price game, but if you can produce a product of high quality, you can take advantage of a good opportunity to carve out a profitable niche in a crowded market.
  • You can talk to an expert through our global technical support team when questions come up
  • You can request free samples from our portfolio of more than 15,000 components if you need a few units for your prototyping process

One of the many startups currently working with Maxim is Finland’s Flexound Systems, which is integrating audio with vibration technology to deliver a new immersive dimension to the listening experience. Their Flexound Xperience can be integrated into cushions (as shown in the photo below) as well as movie seats, gaming chairs, and the like. Read about Flexound to learn how they worked with Maxim to achieve their technical goals.

The Flexound team: (L-R) Jukka Linjama, CTO; Mervi Heinaro, CEO; and Tommi Immonen, COO. 

If you’re an eligible startup working on a hardware design, we’ve got a Design Startup Pack for you that includes your choice of a sample board from our special selection and some other goodies to get you through those long, hard days of work. Register now for your free Design Startup Pack. We’ll ask you to share examples of your design idea and how you would use the sample board. It’s a simple step that we hope will help take your company to the next level.