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Learn Ways to Improve Power Efficiency—Free Seminar

May 31, 2017

Christine Young  By: Christine Young
 Blogger, Maxim Integrated  

If you're ready to enhance power efficiency of your power systems designs—and you're in Europe this summer—you won't want to miss one of Maxim's free Power Seminar Series dates. Power systems design is especially challenging due to the wide-input voltages that are commonly found in industrial, medical, communications, and data center applications. The seminars will show you how to overcome challenges around power efficiency and heat dissipation. Register today.

Data center servers
Data center applications are an example of an application area where power systems design is particularly challenging.

The full-day sessions will be led by Dr. Martin Moerz, a leading power system designer who will present theoretical discussions on switching regulators and DC-DC isolation. Lunch will be provided. During the session, you'll also learn more about:

  • Designing with high-voltage, synchronous buck regulators and isolated topologies
  • Measurement

The Power Seminar Series runs from June 8 to July 6, with stops in the Netherlands, Germany, the U.K., Switzerland, and Slovenia. If you design power sub-systems for supply rails with industrial input ranges, come to a seminar to learn techniques to boost efficiency, reduce heat dissipation, and optimize size, protection, and isolation. Register and view the agenda for the Power Seminar Series today. To prepare for your session, you can also learn more about Maxim's switching regulators and isolated power technologies.