International Microwave Symposium

05/22/2016 02:00 PM - 05/27/2016 03:00 PM
San Francisco, California

The IEEE MTT International Microwave Symposium (IMS) is the premier annual international meeting for technologists involved in all aspects of microwave theory and practice. It consists of a full week of events, including technical paper presentations, workshops, and tutorials, as well as a full set of social events. The symposium also hosts a large commercial exhibition featuring over 600 companies.

For further information or questions about the featured products below or other aspects of our RF communications solutions please contact us by email.

Featured Products

Single-Chip Transmitter for High-Speed Data Communications

Maxim will showcase its RF DAC technology which is ideal for wideband transmitters and software defined radios.


RF Linearization of LDMOS PAs for MIMO Applications

Maxim will showcase its newly released dual-channel RF PA Linearizer, SC2200, which has been optimized for MIMO applications. Join Maxim at the NXP booth #1839 for a live PA linearization demo. For more information about Maxim's RFPAL technology, visit



Maxim will demonstrate an example of one of its market leading market leading LNA products. One of the smallest footprints in the market the MAX2693L product represents the lowest current GPS LNA's on the market specifically designed for power sensitive applications such as wearables. Part of a feature rich pin compatible product family this offering not only provides design flexibility but a quick time to market.


Gain Blocks

Built on Maxim's high performance custom SiGe process, the MAX261X gain block family was designed to simplify signal chain performance by eliminating the need for multiple stage of signal conditioning blocks. This pin compatible product family provides the designer with consistent and reliable gain across a broad frequency range without the negative impact of frequency roll off. With less than 0.5dB gain roll off, this family also provides flexible options for OIP3 and current consumption tradeoff.



At the heart of every radio, the synthesizer is a critical element that dictates system capability and performance. With the MAX2870/1, Maxim introduces not only a wide frequency and flexible part but also one that is feature rich. Two independent differential and programmable outputs, phase reset and adjust and on chip temp sensor are just some of the features that complement its leading normalized in-band and VCO phase noise performance. As a result these parts are selected as the high performance clock source for Maxims RF DACs.


Sub-GHz ISM Wireless Radio

With the largest portfolio of sub-GHz ISM wireless products available, our RF transmitters and receivers achieve the best balance of high efficiency, high-integration, high performance, low power consumption and small package sizes.


Broadband, High Performance PLL/VCOs

Our broadband RF synthesizers with integrated VCO’s feature a combination of high performance, power consumption, and ease of integration, enabling a flexible solution across many applications. For additional features and devices, please see our VCO/PLL parametric search options.