CES 2020: Inspiring Your Innovation

Inspiring Your Innovation at CES 2020

All the glitzy gadgets you’ll see at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas come to life thanks to engineering ingenuity and sophisticated semiconductor technologies. At this year’s event, Maxim will showcase the latest ICs designed to help you bring your next inspired idea to market quickly. Get a preview of our key technology areas for CES on this page.

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CES 2020

01/07/2020 - 01/10/2020
Las Vegas, Nevada

Driving Redefined

Maxim’s broad portfolio of automotive technologies continues to expand to help you design safer, smarter cars. Our Automotive Room at CES will feature demos including our:

  • Wireless battery management system for electric and hybrid vehicles using ASIL D IC
  • Dynamic exterior lighting solution
  • IR-LED controller for driver monitoring systems
  • Automotive-grade USB power delivery solution
  • IR gesture solution
  • Local dimming display solution
  • Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link (GMSL) SerDes technology
  • Sensor fusion ECU protector with PoC power supply
  • High-power, high-efficiency integrated FET solution
  • Secure automotive authentication system

2:42 October 16, 2019

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Healthcare Personalized

Health monitoring devices—many available in convenient wearable formats—are giving people the insights to be more proactive about their healthcare. Sophisticated sensors and smart algorithms are among the essential components that are enabling a healthier world.

In our Healthcare Room, you'll see demos including our:

  • MAX-HEALTH-BAND heart-rate and activity monitor evaluation and development platform
  • Ultra-low-power, clinical-grade integrated biopotential analog front-end (AFE) with heart-rate detection algorithm
  • Mobile health monitoring solution
  • In-ear heart-rate monitoring solution
  • Wrist-based SpO2 with market's smallest optical data acquisition system
  • MAX-ECG-MONITOR wearable ECG and heart monitor evaluation and development platform
  • Health Sensor Platform 2.0 wrist-based evaluation and development platform
  • Temperature sensing solution
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG) solution with biometric data output

Health Sensor Platform 2.0 (MAXREFDES101)のご紹介
2:45 September 20, 2018

7:58 June 22, 2018

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Audio: Hear the Difference On-the-Go and in Smart Homes

Audio is used in more products than ever, from smart home IoT systems to wearables to industrial/medical applications. In our Audio Demo Room, you’ll hear the future of audio for ultra-low-power hearables, smart home IoT systems, and beyond. See and listen to our brand-new Class D/G amplifier that extends the battery life for wireless smart speakers and smart home IoT applications. Learn how you can easily get up to 2.5x loudness (SPL) and more bass from micro speakers with our new MAX98390 smart amplifier with Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM) technology and our DSM Sound Studio GUI.

Demos include:

  • New Class D/G amplifier and power consumption comparison
  • DSM smart amplifier DIY walkthrough. Extract, tune, evaluate, and go!

Learn more about Maxim’s Dynamic Speaker Management technology ›

11:29 June 04, 2019

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Essential Analog

Your unique designs call for versatile, innovative, and highly integrated core analog ICs, with just the functions to meet your requirements. Maxim is constantly innovating and expanding our diverse analog portfolio, so you can continually look to us as your design requirements evolve.

In our Essential Analog Room, you'll see demos that showcase efficient power, precision measurement, rugged connectivity, and reliable protection, including:

  • A battery seal and push-button controller
  • An ideal diode for battery backup
  • A nanoPower watch for longer battery life
  • A highly accurate real-time clock (RTC)

Learn more about Maxim's Essential Analog solutions ›

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