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Resource Description
Data Sheets New: MAX17260
5.1µA 1-Cell Fuel Gauge with ModelGauge m5 EZ and Optional High-Side Current Sensing
Data Sheets New: MAX17260GEVKIT, MAX17260XEVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17260
Data Sheets New: DS28E83
DeepCover Radiation Resisant 1-Wire Secure Authenticator
Data Sheets New: DS28E83EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the DS28E83/DS2476
Data Sheets Revised: MAX77812
20A User-Configurable Quad-Phase Buck Converter
App Notes Mitigating EMI for a CISPR 22-Compliant Power Solution
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17608, MAX17609, MAX17610
4.5V to 60V, 1A Current Limiter with OV, UV, and Reverse Protection
Data Sheets New: MAX77714
Complete System PMIC, Featuring 13 Regulators, 8 GPIOs, RTC, and Flexible Power Sequencing for Multicore Applications
Data Sheets New: MAX77714EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX77714 Multichannel Integrated Power-Management IC
Data Sheets Revised: MAX3218
1µA, Supply Current, 1.8V to 4.25V-Powered RS-232 Transceiver with AutoShutdown
App Notes How to Design an Automotive TFT Display System
Data Sheets Revised: MAX691A, MAX693A, MAX800, MAX800L, MAX800M
Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits
Data Sheets Revised: MAX11254
24-Bit, 6-Channel, 64ksps, 6.2nV/√Hz PGA, Delta-Sigma ADC with SPI Interface
Data Sheets New: MAX20047
Dual 3A USB DCP Charger
Data Sheets New: MAX20047EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX20047
App Notes How to Optimize Performance When Using Synchronous Rectification in Nonisolated DC-DC Converters
App Notes How to Optimize Use of Control Algorithms in Switching Regulators
Data Sheets Revised: MAX30101
High-Sensitivity Pulse Oximeter and Heart-Rate Sensor for Wearable Health
App Notes How to Use GMSL Line-Fault Detection for Power Over Coax
Data Sheets Revised: MAX14745
PMIC with Ultra Low IQ Voltage Regulators and Battery Charger for Small Lithium Ion Systems
Data Sheets Revised: MAX20014
2.2MHz Sync and Dual Step-Down Converters
Data Sheets New: MAX20414
2.2MHz Sync Boost and Step-Down Converters
Data Sheets New: MAX20414EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX20414
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17574EVKITA
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17574 in 3.3V Output-Voltage Application
Data Sheets New: MAX14882
5kVRMS Isolated CAN Transceiver with Integrated Transformer Driver
Data Sheets New: MAX14882EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX14882
Data Sheets Revised: MAX3280E, MAX3281E, MAX3283E, MAX3284E
±15kV ESD-Protected 52Mbps, 3V to 5.5V, SOT23 RS-485/RS-422 True Fail-Safe Receivers
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6340, MAX6421, MAX6422, MAX6423, MAX6424, MAX6425, MAX6426
Low-Power, SC70/SOT µP Reset Circuits with Capacitor-Adjustable Reset Timeout Delay
Data Sheets New: MAX20012B
Automotive Low-Voltage 2-Channel Step-Down Controller
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6746, MAX6747, MAX6748, MAX6749, MAX6750, MAX6751, MAX6752, MAX6753
µP Reset Circuits with Capacitor-Adjustable Reset/Watchdog Timeout Delay
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6895, MAX6896, MAX6897, MAX6898, MAX6899
Ultra-Small, Adjustable Sequencing/Supervisory Circuits
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17242EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17242
Data Sheets Revised: MAX40018
Dual nanoPower Op Amps in Tiny WLP and TDFN Packages
App Notes Optimize Cost, Size, and Performance with MAX98357 WLP
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17574
4.5V–60V, 3A, High-Efficiency, Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter with Internal Compensation
Data Sheets Revised: MAX77734
Ultra-Low Power Tiny PMIC with Power Path Charger for Small Li+ and 150mA LDO
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17557
4.5V to 60V, Synchronous Step-Down Controller
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17557EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17557 5V Output-Voltage Application
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17572
4.5V–60V, 1A, High-Efficiency, Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter with Internal Compensation
Data Sheets Revised: MAX20075, MAX20076
36V, 600mA/1.2A Mini Buck Converter with 3.5µA IQ
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17575
4.5V–60V, 1.5A, High-Efficiency, Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter with Internal Compensation
Data Sheets Revised: MAX20094, MAX20095
Backup Battery Charger and Boost Controller
Data Sheets Revised: MAX20094EVKIT, MAX20094EVSYS, MAX20095EVKIT, MAX20095EVSYS
Evaluation Kit for the MAX20094/MAX20095
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17019
High-Input-Voltage Quad-Output Controller
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17682EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17682
Data Sheets New: MAX19777
3Msps, Low-Power, Serial 12-Bit ADC
Data Sheets New: MAX19777EVKIT, MAX19777EVSYS
Evaluation Kit for the MAX19777
Data Sheets Revised: MAX15068
Dual ORing, Single Hot-Swap Controller with Accurate Current Monitoring
Data Sheets Revised: MAXM17532
4V to 42V, 100mA, Himalaya uSLIC Step-Down Power Module
Data Sheets New: MAX17682EVKITD
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17682 for Isolated ±15V Dual-Output Configuration
Data Sheets Revised: MAX5974A, MAX5974B, MAX5974C, MAX5974D
Active-Clamped, Spread-Spectrum, Current-Mode PWM Controllers
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17536EVKITA
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17536 in 3.3V Output-Voltage Application
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17536EVKITB
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17536 in 5V Output-Voltage Application
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17546EVKITA
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17546 3.3V Output-Voltage Application
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17546EVKITB
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17546 5V Output-Voltage Application
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17681EVKITF
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17681 Isolated +24V Output Configuration
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17574EVKITB
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17574 in 5V Output-Voltage Application
App Notes Static and Dynamic Behavior of the MAX40200 in a Diode ORing Application
Data Sheets Revised: MAX5079
ORing MOSFET Controller with Ultra-Fast 200ns Turn-Off
App Notes MAX77752 Programmer's Guide
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9107, MAX9108, MAX9109
25ns, Dual/Quad/Single, Low-Power, TTL Comparators
Data Sheets New: MAX11261
24-Bit, 6-Channel, 16ksps, 6.2nV/√Hz PGA, Delta-Sigma ADC with I2C Interface
Data Sheets New: MAX11261SYS1
Evaluation Kit for the MAX11261
Data Sheets New: MAX35104EVKIT2
Evaluation Kit for the MAX35104
Product Guides Power Management for the Smart Factory
Data Sheets New: MAX20014EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX20014
Data Sheets Revised: LM4050, LM4051
50ppm/°C Precision Micropower Shunt Voltage References with Multiple Reverse Breakdown Voltages
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16126, MAX16127
Load-Dump/Reverse-Voltage Protection Circuits
Data Sheets Revised: MAX2659
GPS/GNSS Low-Noise Amplifier
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16927
Automotive TFT-LCD Power Supply with Boost, Buck, and Cuk Converters, VCOM Buffers, Gate Drivers, and SPI Interface
App Notes Designing Efficient Power Systems for E-Bikes
App Notes Effects of Different Resistor Tolerances in a Differential ADC for THD Performance
App Notes Current Sensing Devices Used in Battery Management of Portable Applications
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6323, MAX6324
µP Supervisory Circuits with Windowed (Min/Max) Watchdog and Manual Reset
Data Sheets New: MAX22505
±40V High-Speed USB Port Protector
Data Sheets New: MAX22505EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX22505
Data Sheets Revised: MAX32552
DeepCover Secure Arm Cortex-M3 Flash Microcontroller
Data Sheets New: MAX14430, MAX14431, MAX14432
Four-Channel, Fast, Low-Power, 3.75kVRMS Digital Isolators
Data Sheets New: MAX14851
Six-Channel Digital Isolator
Data Sheets New: MAX22191
Parasitically Powered Digital Input
Data Sheets Revised: MAX13054AESHLD
Evaluation Kit for the MAX13054A
Data Sheets New: MAX14430FSEVKIT, MAX14431FSEVKIT, MAX14432FSEVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX14430/MAX14431/MAX14432
Data Sheets New: MAX22191EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX22191
Data Sheets New: MAX14851EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX14851
Data Sheets Revised: MAX15035
15A Step-Down Regulator with Internal Switches
Data Sheets New: MAXREFDES96
MAXREFDES96#: Single-Battery Charger and Fuel Gauge with Boost for Arduino Platforms
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17682
4.5V to 42V Input, Ultra-Small, High-Efficiency, Iso-Buck DC-DC Converter
Data Sheets New: MAX20086, MAX20087, MAX20088, MAX20089
Dual/Quad Camera Power Protector
Data Sheets New: MAX20087EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX20086/MAX20087/MAX20088/MAX20089
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9278, MAX9282
3.12Gbps GMSL Deserializers for Coax or STP Input and LVDS Output
Data Sheets Revised: MAX14748
USB Type-C Charger
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16818
1.5MHz, 30A High-Efficiency LED Driver with Rapid LED Current Pulsing
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16821A, MAX16821B, MAX16821C
High-Power Synchronous HB LED Drivers with Rapid Current Pulsing
Data Sheets Revised: MAXQ1061
DeepCover Cryptographic Controller for Embedded Devices
Data Sheets Revised: MAX20090
Automotive High-Voltage, High-Brightness LED Controller
Data Sheets New: MAX77752
Multichannel Integrated Power Management IC
Data Sheets New: MAX77752EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX77752
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9700, MAX9700A, MAX9700B, MAX9700C, MAX9700D
1.2W, Low-EMI, Filterless, Class D Audio Amplifier
Data Sheets Revised: MAX3051
+3.3V, 1Mbps, Low-Supply-Current CAN Transceiver
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6070, MAX6071
Low-Noise, High-Precision Series Voltage References