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Resource Description
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6700, MAX6710
Low-Voltage, High-Accuracy, Triple/Quad Voltage µP Supervisory Circuits in SOT Package
Data Sheets New: MAX17541G
42V, 500mA, Ultra-Small, High-Efficiency, Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter
Data Sheets New: MAX14943
5kVRMS Isolated 20Mbps Half-Duplex PROFIBUS DP/RS-485 Transceiver with ±35kV ESD Protection and Integrated Transformer Driver
Data Sheets New: MAX14949
5kVRMS Isolated 500kbps Half-Duplex RS-485/RS-422 Transceiver with ±30kV ESD Protection and Integrated Transformer Driver
Data Sheets New: MAX17541GTAEVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17541G in 3.3V Output-Voltage Application
Data Sheets New: MAX17541GTBEVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17541G in 5V Output-Voltage Application
Data Sheets Revised: MAX13330, MAX13331
Automotive DirectDrive® Headphone Amplifiers with Output Protection and Diagnostics
Data Sheets Revised: MAX2870EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX2870 and MAX2871
Data Sheets Revised: MAX14690
Wearable Charge-Management Solution
App Notes DS1843 Evaluation Kit User Guide
App Notes LTE-Advanced Release-12 Shapes New eNodeB Transmitter Architecture: Part 2, Analog Integration Challenge
App Notes LTE-Advanced Release-12 Shapes New eNodeB Transmitter Architecture: Part 1, Technology Evolution
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17620
4MHz, Miniature 600mA, Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter with Integrated MOSFETs
App Notes Maxim MR16 Evaluation Demo
Data Sheets New: DS9122P, DS9122Q, DS9122QA, DS9488-GP8
Multi-Device Programmer for 1-Wire and I2C Devices
App Notes Power Control for Automotive Applications
Data Sheets Revised: ICL7665
µP Voltage Monitor with Dual Over/Undervoltage Detection
Data Sheets Revised: MAX3420E
USB Peripheral Controller with SPI Interface
Data Sheets Revised: MAX32550
DeepCover Secure Cortex-M3 Flash Microcontroller
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9291
3.12Gbps GMSL Serializer for Coax or STP Output and HDMI Input
Evaluation Kit for the MAX9291 and MAX9293
Data Sheets New: INTF3000
INTF3000 Interface Board for EV Kits Requiring SPI/Parallel to USB Interface
Data Sheets Revised: MAX20091
35-Channel Contact Monitor
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6754, MAX6755, MAX6756, MAX6757, MAX6758, MAX6759, MAX6760, MAX6761, MAX6762, MAX6763, MAX6764
Low-Power, Single/Dual-Voltage Window Detectors
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17515
5A, 2.4V to 5.5V Input, High-Efficiency Power Module
Data Sheets New: MAX11259
24-Bit, 6-Channel, 16ksps, 6.2nV/√Hz PGA, Delta-Sigma ADC with I²C Interface
Data Sheets New: MAX11259PMB
Evaluation Kit for the MAX11259
Data Sheets New: USB2PMB2
Adapter Board for the Munich (USB2PMB2#)
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16930EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX16930 and MAX16931
App Notes Need NFC/RFID? Tomorrow Is Today in This Constant State of Innovation
Data Sheets Revised: MAX44242
20V, Low Input Bias-Current, Low-Noise, Dual Op Amplifier
App Notes Amplifier IC Generates a Negative Voltage Reference with the Fewest Parts and a Single Supply Rail
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6018
Precision, Micropower, 1.8V Supply, Low-Dropout, SOT23 Voltage Reference
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6467, MAX6468
Microprocessor Supervisory Reset Circuits with Edge-Triggered, One-Shot Manual Reset
Data Sheets Revised: MAX15500, MAX15501
Industrial Analog Current/Voltage Output Conditioners
Data Sheets Revised: MAX14850EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX14850
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17681
4.5V to 42V Input, High-Efficiency, Iso-Buck DC-DC Converter
App Notes Let Them Drink Beer, or Try Ultrasonic Meters
Data Sheets Revised: MAX15004, MAX15005
4.5V to 40V Input Automotive Flyback/Boost/SEPIC Power-Supply Controllers
Data Sheets Revised: MAX72463
SAS-SATA Signal Conditioner
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16956
36V, 300mA, Mini Buck Converter with 1.1µA IQ
Data Sheets Revised: MAX66240
DeepCover Secure Authenticator with ISO 15693, SHA-256, and 4Kb User EEPROM
Data Sheets New: MAX77596
24V, 300mA, Buck Converter with 1.1μA IQ
Data Sheets New: MAX77596EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX77596
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16903
2.1MHz, High-Voltage, 1A Mini-Buck Converter
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16904
2.1MHz, High-Voltage, 600mA Mini-Buck Converter
Data Sheets New: MAX30102
High-Sensitivity Pulse Oximeter and Heart-Rate Sensor for Wearable Health
App Notes Realizing Industry 4.0: Essential System Considerations
Data Sheets Revised: MAX11169
16-Bit, 250ksps, ±5V SAR ADC with Internal Reference in µMAX
Data Sheets Revised: MAX14930, MAX14931, MAX14932
4-Channel, 2.75kVRMS and 3.75kVRMS Digital Isolators
Data Sheets Revised: MAX30102ACCEVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX30102
Data Sheets Revised: MAX14752, MAX14753
8-Channel/Dual 4-Channel 72V Analog Multiplexers
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9140, MAX9141, MAX9142, MAX9144
40ns, Low-Power, 3V/5V, Rail-to-Rail Single-Supply Comparators
Data Sheets New: MAX98372
Digital Input Class D Amplifier with DHT and Brownout Protection
Data Sheets New: MAX98372EVSYS
Evaluation Kit for the MAX98372
App Notes MAX78615+PPM Evaluation Kit Manual
Data Sheets Revised: 78M6610+LMU
Energy Measurement Processor for Load Monitoring Units
Data Sheets New: MAX32600MBED
ARM mbed Enabled Development Platform for MAX32600
App Notes Extending I2C Communication Distance with the DS28E17
Data Sheets Revised: MAX14821
IO-Link Device Transceiver
Data Sheets Revised: MAX44291, MAX44292, MAX44294
36V, Single/Dual/Quad, Low-Noise Amplifiers with Maximum 0.5μV/°C Offset Drift
Data Sheets New: MAX77818
Dual Input, Power Path, 3A Switching Mode Charger with Fuel Gauge
Data Sheets New: MAXREFDES89
MAXREFDES89#: MAX14871 Full-Bridge DC Motor Driver mbed Shield
Data Sheets New: MAX44292EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX44292/MAX44294
App Notes Configuring the MAX35101 Time-to-Digital Converter as an Ultrasonic Water Meter
Data Sheets Revised: MAX15303
6A Digital PoL DC-DC Converter with InTune Automatic Compensation
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16993
Step-Down Controller with Dual 2.1MHz Step-Down DC-DC Converters
Data Sheets Revised: MAX4238, MAX4239
Ultra-Low Offset/Drift, Low-Noise, Precision SOT23 Amplifiers
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9930, MAX9931, MAX9932, MAX9933
2MHz to 1.6GHz 45dB RF-Detecting Controllers and RF Detector
Data Sheets Revised: MAXM17514
4A, 2.4V to 5.5V Input, High-Efficiency Power Module
Data Sheets Revised: MAX2828EVKIT, MAX2829EVKIT
Evaluation Kits for the MAX2828 and MAX2829
Data Sheets Revised: MAX2674, MAX2676
GPS/GNSS LNAs with Antenna Switch and Bias
Data Sheets Revised: MAX31865
RTD-to-Digital Converter
Data Sheets Revised: DS8500-KIT
Evaluation Kit for the DS8500
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9240A
6.25MHz to 100MHz, 25-Bit GMSL Deserializer for Coax or STP Cable with Line Fault Detect
App Notes MAXREFDES46# Quickstart Guide
Data Sheets New: MAX14721EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX14721/MAX14722 and MAX14723
Data Sheets Revised: MAX1870A
Step-Up/Step-Down Li+ Battery Charger
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16823
High-Voltage, 3-Channel Linear High-Brightness LED Driver with Open LED Detection
Data Sheets Revised: MAX3107
SPI/I²C UART with 128-Word FIFOs
Data Sheets Revised: MAX11300EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX11300
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16990, MAX16992
36V, 2.5MHz Automotive Boost/SEPIC Controllers
Data Sheets Revised: DS1624
Digital Thermometer and Memory
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16913, MAX16913A
Remote Antenna Current-Sense Amplifier and Switches
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17497AEVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17497A
Data Sheets New: MAX2121B
L-Band Tuner with Programmable Baseband Filter
App Notes Digital Sterilization Monitor for Autoclaves
Data Sheets Revised: MAX2063
Dual 50MHz to 1000MHz High-Linearity, Serial/Parallel-Controlled Digital VGA
Data Sheets Revised: MAX2064
50MHz to 1000MHz, High-Linearity, Serial/Analog-Controlled VGA
Data Sheets Revised: MAX2062
Dual 50MHz to 1000MHz High-Linearity, Serial/Parallel-Controlled Analog/Digital VGA
Data Sheets Revised: MAX11253EVKIT, MAX11254EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX11253 and MAX11254
Data Sheets New: MAX11253
16-Bit, 6-Channel, 64ksps, 6.2nV/√Hz PGA, Delta-Sigma ADC with SPI Interface
Evaluation Kit for the MAX9275 and MAX9279
App Notes Welcoming Water Metering into the 21st Century
Data Sheets Revised: MAX3160E, MAX3161E, MAX3162E
±15kV ESD-Protected, +3.0V to +5.5V, 10nA, RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 Multiprotocol Transceivers
Data Sheets Revised: MAX803L, MAX803M, MAX803R, MAX803S, MAX803T, MAX803Z, MAX809J, MAX809L, MAX809M, MAX809R, MAX809S, MAX809T, MAX809Z, MAX810L, MAX810M, MAX810R, MAX810S, MAX810T, MAX810Z
3-Pin Microprocessor Reset Circuits
App Notes Distribution Automation Needs Highly Accurate Analog Data Converters
App Notes Get a Constant +5V Output by Switching Between a +5V Input and a Single-Cell Li+ Rechargeable Cell
App Notes The Sure Evolution of Static "Smart Home" Water Metering
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16910
200mA, Automotive, Ultra-Low Quiescent Current, Linear Regulator