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Resource Description
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9276A, MAX9280A
3.12Gbps GMSL Deserializers for Coax or STP Input and Parallel Output
Data Sheets New: MAX17682
4.5V to 42V Input, Ultra-Small, High-Efficiency, Iso-Buck DC-DC Converter
Data Sheets Revised: MAXQ1061
DeepCover Cryptographic Controller for Embedded Devices
App Notes Power Module Land Grid Array (LGA) Packaging and Its Applications
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16050, MAX16051
Voltage Monitors/Sequencer Circuits with Reverse-Sequencing Capability
Data Sheets Revised: MAX11262
14-Bit, 500ksps, +5V Unipolar Input, SAR ADC, in Tiny 10-Pin µMAX
Data Sheets New: MAX14883E
CAN Transceiver with ±60V Fault Protection Selectable Polarity
Data Sheets New: MAX14883EEVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX14883E
App Notes The Fundamentals of Secure Boot and Secure Download: How to Protect Firmware and Data within Embedded Devices
Data Sheets Revised: MAX32620, MAX32621
High-Performance, Ultra-Low Power ARM Cortex-M4F with FPU-Based Microcontroller for Rechargeable Devices
Data Sheets New: MAX32625MBED
MAX32625MBED ARM mbed Enabled Development Platform for the MAX32625
Data Sheets New: MAX20046
Automotive Hi-Speed USB 2.0 Protector
Data Sheets New: MAX20046EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX20046
Data Sheets Revised: MAX1773, MAX1773A
Power Source Selector for Dual-Battery Systems
Data Sheets Revised: MAX20002, MAX20003
36V, 220kHz to 2.2MHz, 2A/3A Fully Integrated Step-Down Converters with 15µA Operating Current
Data Sheets Revised: MAX14720, MAX14750
Power-Management Solution
Data Sheets New: MAX7034EVKIT-315, MAX7034EVKIT-433
Evaluation Kit for the MAX7034
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6655, MAX6656
Dual Remote/Local Temperature Sensors and Four-Channel Voltage Monitors
Data Sheets Revised: MAX7044
300MHz to 450MHz High-Efficiency, Crystal-Based +13dBm ASK Transmitter
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9938
nanoPower, 4-Bump UCSP/SOT23, Precision Current-Sense Amplifier
Data Sheets Revised: MAX96705
16-Bit GMSL Serializer with High-Immunity/Bandwidth Mode and Coax/STP Cable Drive
Data Sheets Revised: MAX96708
14-Bit GMSL Deserializer with Coax or STP Cable Input
App Notes Ball Grid Array (BGA) Package Application Notes
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16910
200mA, Automotive, Ultra-Low Quiescent Current, Linear Regulator
Data Sheets Revised: MAX66242EVKIT
Tag Evaluation Kit for the MAX66242, Requires NFC Reader
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16813
Integrated, 4-Channel, High-Brightness LED Driver with High-Voltage DC-DC Controller and Battery Disconnect
Data Sheets New: MAX16813EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX16813
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16935, MAX16939
36V, 3.5A, 2.2MHz Step-Down Converters with 28µA Quiescent Current
Data Sheets New: MAX2181AEVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX2181A
Data Sheets Revised: MAX40200
Ultra-Tiny Micropower, 1A Ideal Diode with Ultra-Low Voltage Drop
Data Sheets New: MAX32552-KIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX32552
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6746, MAX6747, MAX6748, MAX6749, MAX6750, MAX6751, MAX6752, MAX6753
µP Reset Circuits with Capacitor-Adjustable Reset/Watchdog Timeout Delay
Data Sheets Revised: MAX2870
23.5MHz to 6000MHz Fractional/Integer-N Synthesizer/VCO
Data Sheets Revised: MAX2871
23.5MHz to 6000MHz Fractional/Integer-N Synthesizer/VCO
Data Sheets Revised: MAX96711
14-Bit GMSL Serializer with High Immunity/Bandwidth Mode and Coax/STP Cable Drive
Data Sheets New: MAX30004
Ultra-Low Power, Single-Channel Integrated Biopotential HR Detection AFE
Data Sheets New: MAX79356SNF
MAX79356 G3-PLC Sniffer Kit
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16903
2.1MHz, High-Voltage, 1A Mini-Buck Converter
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17220, MAX17221, MAX17222, MAX17223, MAX17224, MAX17225
400mV to 5.5V Input, nanoPower Synchronous Boost Converter with True Shutdown
App Notes Organic Land Grid Array (OLGA) and Its Applications
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17016
Single Quick-PWM Step-Down Controller with Internal 26V MOSFETs
Data Sheets Revised: MAX14745
Wearable Charge-Management Solution
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16993
Step-Down Controller with Dual 2.1MHz Step-Down DC-DC Converters
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9015, MAX9015A, MAX9016, MAX9016A, MAX9017, MAX9017A, MAX9017B, MAX9018, MAX9018A, MAX9018B, MAX9019, MAX9020
SOT23, Dual, Precision, 1.8V, Nanopower Comparators With/Without Reference
Data Sheets Revised: MAX7034
315MHz/434MHz ASK Superheterodyne Receiver
Data Sheets Revised: MAX15462
42V, 300mA, Ultra-Small, High-Efficiency, Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converters
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17521
60V, 1A, Dual-Output, High-Efficiency, Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17681EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for MAX17681 Isolated ±15V or ±12V Output Configuration
Data Sheets Revised: MAX14948
5kVRMS Isolated 500kbps Half-Duplex RS-485/RS-422 Transceiver with ±30kV ESD Protection
Data Sheets Revised: MAX30003
Ultra-Low Power, Single-Channel Integrated Biopotential (ECG, R to R Detection) AFE
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17244
3.5V–36V, 2.5A, Synchronous Buck Converter With 28μA Quiescent Current and Reduced EMI
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17244EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17244
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17572
4.5V–60V, 1A, High-Efficiency, Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter with Internal Compensation
Data Sheets Revised: MAX8556, MAX8557
4A Ultra-Low-Input-Voltage LDO Regulators
Data Sheets Revised: ICL7660, MAX1044
Switched-Capacitor Voltage Converters
Data Sheets Revised: MAX2644
2.4GHz SiGe, High IP3 Low-Noise Amplifier
Data Sheets Revised: MAX4069, MAX4070, MAX4071, MAX4072
Bidirectional, High-Side, Current-Sense Amplifiers with Reference
Data Sheets Revised: MAX7500, MAX7501, MAX7502, MAX7503, MAX7504
Digital Temperature Sensors and Thermal Watchdog with Bus Lockup Protection
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9918, MAX9919, MAX9920
-20V to +75V Input Range, Precision Uni-/Bidirectional, Current-Sense Amplifiers
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6581
±1°C Accurate 8-Channel Temperature Sensor
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16128, MAX16129
Load-Dump/Reverse-Voltage Protection Circuits
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17651
60V, 100mA, Ultra-Low Quiescent Current, Linear Regulator
Data Sheets Revised: ICL7116, ICL7117
3 1/2 Digit ADCs with Display Hold
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6125, MAX6141, MAX6145, MAX6150, MAX6160
SOT23, Low-Cost, Low-Dropout, 3-Terminal Voltage References
Data Sheets Revised: DS75LV
Digital Thermometer and Thermostat
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9892
Shunt Mode Audio Click-and-Pop Eliminator
Data Sheets Revised: MAX98372
Digital Input Class D Amplifier with DHT and Brownout Protection
Data Sheets New: MAX35104
Gas Flow Meter SoC
Data Sheets New: MAX40002, MAX40003, MAX40004, MAX40005
nanoPower 4-Bump Comparator in Ultra-Tiny 0.73mm x 0.73mm WLP/SOT23 Packages
App Notes Dealing with Bubbles
Evaluation Kit for the MAX98358
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16072, MAX16073, MAX16074
nanoPower µP Supervisory Circuits in a 4-Bump (1mm x 1mm) Chip-Scale Package
Data Sheets Revised: MAX44264
nanoPower Op Amp in a Tiny 6-Bump WLP
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17690EVKITB
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17690
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17222EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17220/MAX17221/MAX17222/MAX17223/MAX17224 and MAX17225
Data Sheets New: MAX17290, MAX17292
2.5V to 36V, 2.5MHz, PWM Boost Controller with 4μA Shutdown Current and Reduced EMI
Data Sheets New: MAX17290EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17290
Data Sheets New: MAX17292EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX17292
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6800, MAX6801, MAX6802
3-Pin, Low-Power µP Reset Circuits
Data Sheets Revised: MAX6629, MAX6630, MAX6631, MAX6632
12-Bit + Sign Digital Temperature Sensors with Serial Interface
Data Sheets Revised: MAX11162
16-Bit, 500ksps, +5V Unipolar Input, SAR ADC, in Tiny 10-Pin µMAX
Data Sheets New: MAX20745
Integrated, Step-Down Switching Regulator
Data Sheets New: MAX2678
GPS/GNSS Front-End Amplifier
App Notes MAX17055 User Guide
App Notes MAX17055 Software Implementation Guide
Data Sheets Revised: MAX16056, MAX16057, MAX16058, MAX16059
125nA nanoPower Supervisory Circuits with Capacitor-Adjustable Reset and Watchdog Timeouts
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9634
nanoPower, 4-Bump UCSP/SOT23, Precision Current-Sense Amplifier
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9644, MAX9645, MAX9646
nanoPower Comparators with Precision Reference in 4-Bump UCSP
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17503
4.5V-60V, 2.5A, High-Efficiency, Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter with Internal Compensation
Data Sheets New: MAX17055
7µA 1-Cell Fuel Gauge with ModelGauge m5 EZ
Data Sheets Revised: MAX40000, MAX40001
1.7V, nanoPower Comparators with Built-in Reference
Data Sheets Revised: DS2784
1-Cell Fuel Gauge with FuelPack, Protector, and SHA-1 Authentication
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9060, MAX9061, MAX9062, MAX9063, MAX9064
Ultra-Small, nanoPower Single Comparators in 4-Bump UCSP and 5 SOT23
Data Sheets Revised: MAX9065
Ultra-Small, nanoPower, Window Comparator in 4 UCSP and 5 SOT23
Data Sheets Revised: MAX32620-EVKIT, MAX32621-EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for MAX32620 and MAX32621
Data Sheets Revised: MAX17525
High-Accuracy, Adjustable Power Limiter
Data Sheets Revised: MAX32630-EVKIT, MAX32631-EVKIT
Evaluation Kit for the MAX32630/MAX32631
Data Sheets Revised: DS1775
Digital Thermometer and Thermostat in SOT23
Data Sheets Revised: MAXM17503
4.5V-60V, 2.5A High-Efficiency, DC-DC Step-Down Power Module with Integrated Inductor
Data Sheets Revised: MAXM17504
4.5V-60V, 3.5A High-Efficiency, DC-DC Step-Down Power Module with Integrated Inductor