FAQs:  MAX3421E MAX3421E

The MAX3421E adds USB host or peripheral operation to any system with an SPI™ port.

What is the MAX3421E?
Does the MAX3421E include a microcontroller?
Is the MAX3421E a USB On-The-Go (OTG) device?
What does "Smart SIE" mean?
How does the MAX3421E electrically differ from the MAX3420E?
Is the MAX3421E a drop-in replacement for the MAX3420E?
Is the MAX3421E code-compatible with the MAX3420E?
What USB transfer types and speeds does the MAX3421E support as a host?
Can the MAX3421E talk to low-speed devices connected to a hub?
Can the MAX3421E detect how it is attached—as peripheral or host?
Can I electrically isolate the MAX3421E?
What is added to the MAX3421E when operating as a USB peripheral that makes it different than the MAX3420E?
Does Maxim supply mass storage example code?
Is the MAX3421E USB-certified?