FAQs:  MAX1470 MAX1470

How do I select the right crystal for my MAX1470 application?
How critical is the ESR requirement of 70 Ω max for the MAX1470 crystals? I am trying to get some samples quickly and one source I have found cannot provide an ESR of less than 150 Ω. Would this work?
The MAX1470 startup time is listed as 250µsec. What does that include?
Does the PWRDN pin (pin 27) have an internal pull-up or pull-down?
In the typical applications circuit, the tank component values are 27nH and 4.7pF for 315MHz. A quick calculation indicates to me that for the tank to resonate at 315MHz these values should be higher. What gives?
What is the LNA input impedance at various frequencies? The data sheet lists the 315MHz value as 50-j200.
What pin is the OSC input so that I can drive it with my signal generator instead of using a crystal?
The MAX1470 shutdown supply current is listed as 1.25µA. What does that include?
Does the MAX1470 data filter/data slicer circuitry work well with PWM type signals that have a varying DC offset or is it more suited toward Manchester encoding which has no DC offset?
One of the problems I face is, in a no-rx-signal condition the data slicer compares noise with noise and thus generates false output. Any ideas on how to suppress this noise?