FAQs:  MAX1464 MAX1464

The MAX1464 is a high-performance, low-cost, low-power, multichannel, microprocessor-based, digital sensor signal conditioner that integrates flash memory and a temperature sensor.

What is the MAX1464?
What is an example application of the MAX1464 signal conditioner?
What types of support are available for the MAX1464?
What is included in the MAX1464 evaluation kit?
What software tools are available for using the MAX1464?
Are there any programming examples available for the MAX1464?
Are there any application notes available for the MAX1464?
When starting an ADC cycle, how long does it take before sampling starts?
What is the sequence of events that take place to complete one ADC conversion?
When the ADC is sampling does it start with LSB or MSB?
What is the maximum supply voltage at which the MAX1464 can operate without damaging the part?
Can the MAX1464 be used to measure the RTDs or K-type thermocouples?
What are the differences between the MAX1463 and the MAX1464?
What are the register definition differences between MAX1463 and MAX1464?
Is the internal temperature sensor of the MAX1463 the same as on the MAX1464?
My setup is correct but cannot communicate with the MAX1464. What is the problem?
What are the differences between 3-wire and 4-wire interfaces?
How can I switch the EV board from 3-wire to 4-wire communication, and vice versa?
Is the temperature sensor output ratiometric to VDD?
What is the allowed common-mode voltage range for the INPx and INMx input voltages?
Does input impedance of the MAX1464 change with different PGA gain settings? How?
What should be the relationship between the output impedance of the sensor and input impedance of the MAX1464? How are they affecting each other?
How is the conversion resolution affected by changing conversion rate?
Can the ADC-clock be set independent of the microcontroller clock?
What is the relationship between ADC clock rates and power consumption?
What are the trade-offs between power consumption and conversion speed?
What is MAX1464 data-retention rating as function of temperature?
What is the flash-memory capacity in the MAX1464?
What extent of programming can be realized with the available 4kB of flash memory?
What instructions are available for the MAX1464 microprocessor?
How do I program the MAX1464?
With which Windows platform is the Hardware Debugger compatible?
With which Windows platforms are the MAX1464 DLLs compatible?
On what platform are the MAX1464 DLLs developed?
Is it possible to call the MAX1464 DLL functions from Visual Basic?
What input voltage range can the MAX1464 accommodate?
How can the Hardware Debugger be used?
How can the Control Program be used?
Can the op amps on the MAX1464 be used as uncommitted op amps?
What is the function of the partition-1 of the flash memory in the MAX1464?
Can the partition-1 (user portion) of the MAX1464 flash memory be accessed by the CPU program?
How many input channels does the MAX1464 have?
How can the ADC range be maximized during compensation?
How can the temperature sensor resolution be maximized during compensation?
Can the second-order compensation algorithm built into the Control Program be used for real compensation in production?
The 'DUT?' button on the Control Program window does not turn green when I start the program. What is wrong?
I get 'file operation' failure error when launching the Control Program. What is the problem?
Turning the potentiometers on the EV board does not change the input to the MAX1464. What is the problem?