Maxim/Analog Devices Distribution Transition

We want to make sure your transition from one franchised distribution partner to another is as clean as possible. We understand the difficulties and challenges ahead but we are here to help.

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Arrow has a dedicated line and team member to help with your order transition process.
+86 10 800 320 0118 (APAC)  9 am – 6 pm - Local Time
+44 808 169 5960 (EMEA)  9 am - 5 pm - Local Time
+1 855-931-5123 (North America)  8 am - 5 pm Local Time

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Avnet being terminated?
    A: Yes. The only global distributors for Analog Devices & Maxim will be Arrow, Mouser, Digi-Key and Premier Farnell (Newark, Element14)
  2. When will this take effect?
    A: Avnet will be able to place orders on Maxim through January 9,2022. Maxim will ship to Avnet up until March 13, 2022. Avnet will be shipping to customers until April 1, 2022
  3. Why is ADI making this change to global distribution?
    A: Arrow will continue as our primary global distribution partner to help expand the reach of ADI’s solutions globally. This means customers will have frictionless access to all of Analog Devices and former Maxim Integrated products and solutions. It also simplifies the support mechanism for an expanded portfolio of products and solutions to assist in your design journey. Additionally, Mouser, Digi-Key, and Premier Farnell will continue to be our global ecommerce distributors.
  4. Will Premier Farnell (Newark, Element14) an Avnet company, also be terminated?
    A: No. Premier Farnell (Newark/Element14) will continue to be an authorized ecommerce distributor and will have access to ADI products in the future.
  5. Will ADI continue to work with regional partners?
    A: Yes. We will continue to have a network of regional partners.
  6. Have other distributors been terminated?
    A: Yes. In addition to Avnet, some other distributors have been terminated. Timelines for these terminations will be communicated separately.
  7. When will Arrow have access to Maxim products?
    A: Arrow will be on-boarded into the Maxim system in November. By the 22nd November 2021, Arrow will be able to place purchase orders on Maxim parts, receive special price quotes from Maxim and be able to accept orders from customers.
  8. Will ADI be able to transfer purchase order backlog from Avnet to Arrow to maintain current schedule dates?
    A: Yes. Over the next months, the operations team will be working closely with Arrow in each region to ensure that we have a smooth transition of supply and avoid end customer disruption.
  9. If I have placed orders with Avnet, should I cancel those orders now and move them to Arrow?
    A: No. You should not cancel any demand currently placed with Avnet until such time that a) Arrow is able to accept your orders and b) Avnet informs you that they are unable to fulfil your demand.
  10. When will our remaining regional distributors have access to Maxim or ADI products?
    A: It is planned that our remaining regional partners will be on-boarded into the Maxim or ADI system by March 2022. The exact timeline will be communicated in early 2022.
  11. Who are the regional distributors who will have access to the complete ADI portfolio in the future?
    A: Please refer to and for details or our distributor network by country.

***Additional Regional Distributors information will be available in the coming weeks and months (APAC/EMEA)***