Macrocell Radio Unit 

Maxim offers a complete line of complementary high-performance RF and data converter products that have been tailored specifically for cellular base stations. Our high-linearity signal-chain components blend the best of SiGe and CMOS processes to deliver uncompromised performance with exceptional levels of block integration. See how Maxim ICs can drive your future transceiver and power amplifier designs—from RF to bits and back again.

Antenna Tilt  AISG Radio Power Linear Low Noise, High PSRR Baseband Power Switching POL, SEQ, TEL Isolated Power V<sub>IN</sub> = 48V Radio Receiver 2X MIMO Bias Control Bias Control Radio Transmit 2X MIMO Radio Tx Observation Precision Monitor/Control Thermal Management Signal Integrity Fiber Optic CPRI/OBSAI

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