Lithium Battery Statement

Special Requirements for Shipment of Products Containing Batteries

  1. Some Maxim products contain lithium metal button cell batteries. These button cells are exempt from United Nations (UN) class 9. These batteries meet the requirements of Provision A181 of the DGR 54th edition. These batteries also comply with IATA and have been tested per UN Manual of Tests and Criteria Part III, subsection 38.3 by the battery manufacturer. Shipping requirements are per IATA Dangerous Goods Regulation (DGR) packing instruction UN3091, 970 Section II for batteries in equipment. See the listing below of Maxim products containing these batteries.

    With changes to the IATA DGR for 2013, Maxim products containing lithium metal button cells are no longer required to use the battery handling label based on Packing Instruction 970 "Additional Requirements – Section II"

    "Each package containing more than four cells or more than two batteries installed in equipment must be labeled with a lithium battery handling label ..., except for button cell batteries installed in equipment (including circuit boards);"

  2. There are a limited number of our evaluation kits that contain a Lithium-Ion type battery ("re-chargeable" per IATA) which are compliant to IATA DGR for 2013 requirements for UN3481, Packing Instruction 967 Section II, batteries in equipment. See the listing below of Maxim products containing these batteries.

  3. Should IATA or ICAO require certain shipments that contain a battery to be labeled, it will have a battery handling label like the graphic below attached to the outside of the container.

If you have additional questions about our products containing batteries, please send an email request to

Consult the latest version of IATA Dangerous Goods Regulation for complete requirements when shipping batteries in equipment.

Maxim uses the following lithium metal button cell batteries in our non-kit products. Each contains < 1g of lithium.

Battery Type Battery Weight (g) Chemistry Contains Perchlorate?
BR1225 0.8 (CF)n/Li: Poly-Carbon Monofluoride No
BR1632 1.5 (CF)n/Li: Poly-Carbon Monofluoride No
BR2032 2.5 (CF)n/Li: Poly-Carbon Monofluoride No
BR2325 3.2 (CF)n/Li: Poly-Carbon Monofluoride No
CR1620 1.3 MnO2/Li: Manganese Dioxide Yes
CR1632 1.8 MnO2/Li: Manganese Dioxide Yes
CR2354 5.8 MnO2/Li: Manganese Dioxide Yes
CR2477 10.5 MnO2/Li: Manganese Dioxide Yes
ML2020 2.2 Manganese Lithium rechargeable No
ML614 0.17 Manganese Lithium rechargeable No

Complete list of Maxim products that contain lithium batteries (XLS, 130kB)

Disposal of Maxim Products Containing Batteries

Disposal of Maxim products containing batteries is per the local regulations for the type of battery it contains. Please see the product listing for the type of battery each product contains.

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