Lead-Free/RoHS Notice and Ordering Information

March 27, 2006 

To: Our Valued Customers 

Subject: Lead-Free Product Conversion and Availability of Products Containing Lead 

The deadline for shipping RoHS-compliant electronic systems is July 1, 2006. To accommodate, Maxim have converted the majority of our products to lead-free or RoHS-compliant packaging with Tin (Sn) finish. In addition, we will continue to offer our products with the leaded (Pb/Sn) finish that we have supplied for over 20 years. 

The nomenclature and marking for our products have not changed, but are stated here for reference. A new ordering process has been put in place for leaded products.

RoHS Compliance Determination

Products that are Pb-free and RoHS-compliant have a "+" in the package code (example: U24+1).

Products that contain lead by RoHS exemption have a "#" in the package code (example: IB#ACC).

Products which are not Pb-free or RoHS compliant have a "-" in the package code (example: L4877F-2).

How to determine the Maxim package code:
Use the Maxim Ordering webpage. Enter the Maxim part number in the search box. Select the part number located in the "part number results" field. Select the tab "Ordering Info", view the package code in the column labeled "Package: TYPE PINS FOOTPRINT DRAWING CODE/VAR *". Example:

MAX8819AETI+ TQFN; 28 pin; 16.8 mm2
Outline Drawing: 21-0139 (PDF)
Land Pattern: 90-0035 (PDF)
Use pkgcode/variation: T2844+1*

Product Marking

Pin 1 marking is as follows where space allows:

  • Lead-free/RoHS products have a "+"
  • RoHS products that are exempt from lead-free requirements have a "#"
  • Leaded, non-RoHS products have a "."

Labels are also placed on the intermediate container (tube or reel) designating the product as lead-free or RoHS compliant, per the JEDEC labeling standard JESD97.

Inventory Availability

Orders will continue to be accepted for leaded, RoHS-compliant and lead-free products. On June 1, 2006, all orders for leaded products will be required to be non-cancellable and non-returnable (NCNR). Quantity restrictions may be imposed based on availability of leaded inventory. Maxim regrets the limitations this places on our customers.

Lead Times

The majority of orders received currently are for lead-free products. Therefore, leaded products are now assembled to order and may have longer lead-times than for lead-free products by approximately three to four weeks. 

Questions about these procedures can be directed to your local sales representative, distributor, or Maxim office.

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