Optical Sensors

Ambient Light Sensor ICs

An ambient light sensor measures the amount of visible light in the environment. Maxim's ambient light sensors combine the industry's leading-edge technology with smart features for reliable and precise ambient light measurement. By integrating a superior sensor component with precise analog circuitry and digital control, our light sensors achieve high performance with an ultra-low supply current.

Ambient Light Sensors 

Proximity Sensor ICs

Maxim's proximity sensor technology measures infrared light reflected from an object. Our technology is based on an innovative LED-pulsing scheme that provides reliable sensing, even in extreme sunlight conditions.

Low duty-cycle LED pulsing, along with integrated power control, requires drastically less sensor power, making these products perfect for handheld, battery-powered applications.

Proximity Sensors 

Body-Wearable Sensors

Optical sensors for body wearable applications are primarily used to track physical activity, health and wellness. Our fully integrated sensors enable continuous heart rate detection and oxygen saturation measurements in comfortable, wearable form factors. These body-wearable optical sensors combine a photo sensor, LEDs, ambient light cancellation circuitry, and a high performance analog front end to simplify design and help reduce motion artifacts. Ultra-low power consumption and leading-edge packaging technology extend battery life, reduce device size, and accelerate your time-to-market.

Bio Sensors 

Optical Particle Sensing

Optical particle sensors detect airborne particles such as smoke particles from a fire. Optical reflection technology provides high sensitivity detection of a wide variety of these particles. Our fully integrated, low power, optical particle sensors provide a complete system solution to simplify design of smoke detection applications including fire alarms. Due to the extremely small size, they can also be used as smoke detection sensors for mobile and wearable devices.

MAX30105 Optical Sensor for Fire Alarm Applications