Wearable temperature sensor ICs are digital thermometers which provide clinical-grade accuracy combined with ultra-low power operation to support wearable fitness and medical applications, such as wrist watches, medical patches, and smart clothing. Our wearable digital thermometers accurately and quickly measure skin temperature for wearable technologies. When compared to discrete sensors, our integrated wearable temperature sensor ICs offer clinical-grade accuracy, lowest power consumption, and the smallest size, with flexible fitness and medical wearable assembly options.

Key Features Include:

  • Accurate and repeatable measurement of contact temperature
  • Low-power operation for wearable applications
  • Clinical-grade measurement accuracy

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Technical Documents

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Provides a single platform to evaluate the MAX30208 temperature sensor with ±0.1°C accuracy.
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Includes USB-to-I2C controller and GUI program to simplify evaluation
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Includes MAX31856PMB1 peripheral module, adaptor board for communication with the software and K...
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Includes GUI that provides communication over I2C with an on-board master IC.