Optical health sensor ICs for body-wearable applications track health and wellness with complete biosensing solutions for continuous heart-rate tracking, heart variability, and oxygen saturation. Our portfolio of complete optical sensor solutions includes highly integrated optical modules for space-constrained form factors, high SNR analog front-ends (AFEs) to address low perfusion cases (corner cases), and algorithms that extract meaningful information from photoplethysmography (PPG) signals.

Ultra-low power consumption and leading-edge packaging technology extend product battery life, reduce solution size, and accelerate time-to-market. Our portfolio enables optical sensor solutions for a variety of use cases and body locations.

Our packaging innovation in optical modules has paved the path way for optical biosensing in mobile phones and in-ear headsets. These biosensor optical modules are creatively assembled in optically enhanced packaging. The packaging technology eliminates crosstalk between LEDs and photodiodes (PD) without compromising the optical spacing necessary to extract useful signals from the body.

Our heart-rate (HR) and consumer-grade SpO2 algorithms meet FDA requirements and work seamlessly with our optical sensor devices.

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Introduction to the MAX86150 Integrated Photoplethysmogram and Electrocardiogram Biosensor Module for Mobile Health
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MAXM86146 Complete Optical Biosensing Module with Ultra-Low-Power Biometric Sensor Hub

MAXM86146 Complete Optical Biosensing Module with Ultra-Low-Power Biometric Sensor Hub

The MAXM86146 is the world’s smallest highly-integrated, optical data acquisition system. It com...
  • Complete Biometric Sensor Hub
    • Supports Simultaneous Wrist-Based Pulse Heart Rate (WHRM) and Pulse Blood Oxygen Saturation (WSpO2) Measurements
    • Integrated MAX86141 Dual-Channel Optical AFE
    • Integrated MAX32664C Arm® Cortex®-M4 based MCU
    • Two Integrated 3.8mm2 PIN Photodiodes
      • Can Operate Independently (Two Channels)
      • Can Be Combined to Give a Total Radiant Area of 7.6mm2 for Additional Flexibility
    • Excellent SNR Enables Measurements on a Wide Range of Users
      • Dynamic Range > 90dB in White Card Loop- Back Test (Sample-to-Sample Variance)
      • Dynamic Range Extendable to > 104dB for SpO2 and > 110dB for HRM with Multiple Sample Modes and On-Chip Averaging
    • Convenient Solution Enables Faster Time-to-Market
    • Ultra-Small 4.5mm x 4.1mm x 0.88mm, 38-Pin OLGA Package Size
  • World-Class Algorithm for Wearable Applications
    • Supports Multiple Accelerometer Options to Allow Robust Detection and Rejection of Motion Artifacts
    • Both Raw and Processed Data are Available
    • FIFO Provides Minimal Host Interaction
    • Ultra-Low Power for Body Wearable Devices
      • AFE Only Requires 10μA Typical at 25sps
      • MCU Supports Deep-Sleep Mode, Allowing Device to Sleep Between Measurements.
      • Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) Algorithm Adjusts the Optical AFE Settings, Maximizing SNR while Minimizing Power Consumption
MAXM86161 Single-Supply Integrated Optical Module for HR and SpO<sub>2</sub> Measurement

MAXM86161 Single-Supply Integrated Optical Module for HR and SpO2 Measurement

The MAXM86161 is an ultra-low-power, completely integrated, optical data-acquisition system. On ...
  • Complete Single-Channel Optical Data Acquisition System
  • Built-In Algorithm Further Enhances Rejection of Fast Ambient Transients
  • Optimized Architecture for Reflective Heart Rate and SpO2 Monitoring
  • Low Dark Current Noise of < 50pA RMS (Sample-to-Sample Variance)
  • Lower Effective Dark Current Noise Achievable through Multiple Sample Modes and On-Chip Averaging
  • High-Resolution 19-bit Charge Integrating ADC
  • Three Low-Noise 8-Bit LED Current DACs
  • Excellent Dynamic Range > 89dB in White Card Loop-Back Test (Sample-to-Sample Variance)
  • Excellent Ambient Range and Rejection Capability
    • > 100μA Ambient Photodetector Current
    • > 70dB Ambient Rejection at 120Hz
  • Ultra-Low-Power Operation for Wearable Devices
    • Low-Power Operation, Optical Readout Channel < 10μA, Typical at 25sps
    • Short Exposure Integration Period of 14.8μs, 29.4μs, 58.7μs, 117.3μs
    • Low Shutdown Current = 1.6μA (typ)
  • Miniature 2.9mm x 4.3mm x 1.4mm, 14-pin OLGA Package
  • -40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature Range

MAXM86146EVSYS Evaluation Kit for the MAXM86146

The MAXM86146 evaluation system (EV system) allows for the quick evaluation of the MAXM86146 opt...
  • Quick Evaluation of the MAXM86146
  • Supports Optimization of Configurations
  • Facilitates Understanding MAXM86146 Architecture and Solution Strategy
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Data Logging Capabilities
  • On-Board Accelerometer
  • Bluetooth LE

MAX86140EVSYS Evaluation System for the MAX86140/MAX86141

The MAX86140/MAX86141 Evaluation System (EVSYS) allows for the quick evaluation of the MAX86140 ...
  • Quick Evaluation of the MAX86140/MAX86141
  • Supports Optimization of Configurations
  • Facilitates Understanding MAX86140/MAX86141 Architecture and Solution Strategy
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Data Logging Capabilities
  • On-Board Accelerometer
  • Bluetooth LE