Evaluation System for the MAXM86161

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The MAXM86161EVSYS# evaluation system (EV system) allows for the quick evaluation of the MAXM86161 integrated optical module for applications at various sites on the body, particularly in-ear and mobile applications. The MAXM86161 device communicates using a standard I2C-compatible interface to Maxim’s on-board MAX32664 Biometric Sensor Hub microcontroller (used for Maxim’s algorithm evaluation) or in a pass-through mode for raw data collection. The MAXM86161 device consists of three optical readout channels that can be individually controlled (Green, Red, and IR). The EV system allows for flexible configurations to allow testing of various features of the sensor. Moreover, it helps the user quickly learn how to configure and use the MAXM86161 device.

The primary EV system consists of three circuit board assemblies (MAXSensorBLE_EVKIT, MAXM86161OSBFLEX, and the Cypress CY5677 Dongle), one USB-C to USB-A connector cable, and a Lithium Polymer battery. In addition, two programming circuit boards (MAXM86161_MAX32630_PRGMR_ASSY, and the MAXREFDES100HDK) and one USB-B Micro-to-USB-A Male USB cable are provided for firmware updates if needed.

The EV system can be powered using a USB-C supply or LiPo Battery and comes with a MAXM86161EFD+ device in a 14-pin OLGA package.

The MAXM86161OSBFLEX Flex-Rigid circuit board has a Maxim Integrated MAX32664 Biometric Sensor Hub microcontroller device installed. This Sensor Hub can be used to implement Maxim’s HR/SpO2 Algorithm for evaluation. The MAXM86161 GUI PC application code that allows evaluation of both the MAXM86161EVSYS# and the MAX32664 Sensor Hub is available in the MAXM86161EVSYS# EV System Design Resources tab.

Key Features

  • Performance Evaluation of the MAXM86161 Sensor (e.g., SNR, Dark Current, Noise, etc.)
  • Performance Evaluation of Maxim Algorithms for Power Optimization, Heart Rate (HR), SpO2 (Peripheral Capillary Oxygen Saturation), etc. Using the On-Board MAX32664GWEC+ Biometric Sensor Hub Microcontroller
  • Facilitates Understanding of MAXM86161 Architecture and Solution Strategy
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Data Logging Capabilities
  • On-Board Accelerometer
  • Bluetooth™ LE for wireless data collection


  • Continuous Monitoring for HRV
  • Miniature Package for Mobile Applications
  • Optical Heart Rate
  • Optimized for In-Ear Applications
  • Optimized Performance to Detect:
  • Oxygen Saturation (SpO2)

Additional Resources

MAXM86161EVSYS# EV System Files

File Description
MAXM86161OSBFLEX.ZIP Schematic, BOM, Layout
MAXSensorBLE.ZIP Schematic, BOM, Layout
MAX32644FTHR.ZIP Schematic, BOM, Layout
MAXM86161ADPTR Schematic, BOM, Layout
MAXREFDES100HDK Schematic, BOM, Layout

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