Biopotential sensor ICs provide electrocardiogram (ECG) waveforms, heart rate/pacemaker edge detection, and bioimpedance (BioZ) measurements with clinical-grade accuracy (IEC 60601-2-47).

Our biopotential sensors deliver highly integrated analog front-end (AFE) solutions for complete ECG and BioZ recordings while consuming the lowest power. Typical applications include cardiac health monitoring, heart-rate monitoring, arrhythmia detection, stress test applications, and respiration monitoring. Wafer-level packages (WLPs) support small form factors in wearable applications such as medical patches, wrist-worn devices, and chest-strap heart-rate monitors.

Key Features Include:

  • Low-power operation for continuous monitoring
  • Integrated ECG, bioimpedance, PACE detect and R-R algorithm
  • Small-size solutions, with pin-compatible packages
  • Clinical-grade measurement (meets IEC60601-2-47)

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