Healthcare sensor ICs use current or optics to sense the human body’s vital signs. Typically, these biosensors condition the signal and send it to a microprocessor for storage, calculation, or display by a health monitoring device.

Our healthcare sensor solutions are ideal for portable medical and wellness applications, as well as wearable medical and fitness applications. Low-power operation fosters longer battery life. These highly integrated sensor ICs reduce the total solution chip count by including analog front-ends (AFEs), ADCs, and ESD/EMI protection circuitry with key features such as:

  • Clinical-grade performance for temperature and ECG measurements
  • High dynamic range AFEs with low SNR
  • Complete optical modules for a variety of applications
  • Built-in algorithms

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Featured Products

MAX86171 Best-in-Class Optical Pulse Oximeter and Heart-Rate Sensor AFE for Wearable Health

The MAX86171 is an ultra-low-power optical data acquisition system with both transmit and receiv...
  • Complete Dual-Channel Optical Data Acquisition System
  • Ultra Low-Power Operation for Wearable Devices
    • Low-Power Operation, Optical Readout Channel < 11μA at 25fps
    • Exposure Integration Period Ranging from 14.6μs to 117.1μs
    • Low Shutdown Current < 1μA
  • Excellent Top-End Dynamic Range > 91dB in White Card Loop-Back Test (Nyquist Sample-to-Sample Variance)
  • Extended Dynamic Range up to 110dB (Averaging and Off-Chip Filtering)
  • Supports Frame Rates from 1fps to 2.9kfps
  • High Resolution 19.5-Bit Charge Integrating ADCs
  • Supports Four PD Inputs for Multi-Parameter Measurements
  • Supports Nine LED Driver Output Pins Generated from Three 8-Bit LED Current Drivers
  • Low Dark Current Noise of < 50pA RMS (Sample-to-Sample Variance in 117.1μs Integration Time)
  • Excellent Ambient Range and Rejection Capability
    • > 100μA Ambient Photodetector Current
    • > 70dB Ambient Rejection at 120Hz (Average Mode > 2)
  • Miniature 2.78mm x 1.71mm, 7 x 4 0.35mm Ball Pitch WLP Package
  • -40°C to +85°C Operating Temperature Range

Reference Designs

Product Image


Quickly prototype designs that measure finger-based heart rate and SpO2 .
Product Image

MAXREFDES104#: Health Sensor Platform 3.0

Enables quick evaluation of our portfolio of wearable products to significantly shorten the deve...
Product Image

MAXREFDES103#: Health Sensor Band

Demonstrates the high sensitivity and algorithm processing functions of health-sensing applicati...
Product Image


Provides a single platform to evaluate DC current and EIS measurement capabilities.
Product Image


Allows quick evaluation of the MAXM86161 integrated optical module for applications at various s...
Product Image


Provides a single platform to evaluate the MAX30208 temperature sensor with ±0.1°C accuracy.
Product Image


Includes USB-to-I2C controller and GUI program to simplify evaluation
Product Image


Allows flexible configurations to optimize measurement signal quality with minimal power consump...
Product Image


Offers several configurations to enable a variety of measurements including ECG, BioZ and Pace D...