Synchronous switching regulators and controllers employ two switched elements – a high-side switched element and a low-side switched element. This is in contrast to non-synchronous regulators that traditionally employ a single switched element for controlling the high-side voltage and a high speed Schottky diode which functions as the low-side switch.

Synchronous switching regulators generally integrate both switches into the device, while synchronous controllers provide only the switch drive signals. In both cases the switching elements are low RDS(ON), high-power FETs.

Synchronous switching regulators and controllers generally provide more efficient voltage regulation because the timing of both switches is controllable, plus FETs provide lower resistance than Schottky diodes.

Synchronous switching regulators and controllers are available in both step-up and step-down configurations. We offer the most advanced synchronous switching regulators and controllers available.

Step-Down (Buck) Synchronous Switching Regulators (Internal Switch)
Step-Down (Buck) Synchronous Switching Controllers (External Switch)
Step-Up (Boost) Synchronous Switching Regulators (Internal Switch)
Step-Up/Step-Down (Buck/Boost) Synchronous Switching Regulators 

Learn about modern switching regulator technology to understand how to differentiate a modern switching regulator IC from those using older technology.

Modern Switching Regulator Technology
Modern switching regulators have numerous advantages over older products due to process technolo...

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Reference Designs

MAXREFDES1255: 4-Switch Buck-Boost Converter
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MAXREFDES1252: Miniature, 14.5V/1.2A, No-Opto Flyback DC-DC Converter with 91.7% Efficiency Using MAX17690
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MAXREFDES1249: Miniature Universal Input 36W AC-DC Flyback Converter using the MAX17595
The MAXREFDES1249 is a Universal Input (86 to 305VAC) Offline isolated power supply, delivers 36...
MAXREFDES1261: Asset Tracker Power Management Platform
The MAXREFDES01261 is a reference design of power management platform for asset tracker.
MAXREFDES1244: Miniature, 5V/1.2A, No-Opto Flyback DC-DC Converter with 88% Efficiency Using MAX17690
The MAXREFDES1244 illustrates technique using the No Opto Flyback converter to generate isolated...
MAXREFDES1251: Single Output Flyback Converter Using MAX17596
MAXREFDES1251 is based on MAX17596 flyback converter. The MAX17596 is a peak-current-mode contro...
MAXREFDES179# Reference Design Board
The MAXREFDES179 reference design is a complete Universal Serial Bus (USB) type-C PD solution fe...
MAXREFDES104#: Health Sensor Platform 3.0
HSP3 is a unique evaluation and development platform in a wearable form factor that demos the fu...
MAXREFDES1269: 5V/20A, Synchronous Step-Down Converter Using the MAX20098
The MAXREFDES1269 demonstrates how to build a DC-DC buck converter using the MAX20098 step-down ...
MAXREFDES220#: Finger Heart Rate and Pulse Oximeter Smart Sensor with Digital Signal Processing
Integrated solution for heart rate, pulse oximetry, blood oxygen saturation, and blood pressure ...
MAXREFDES177# IO-Link Universal Analog IO
The MAXREFDES177# IO-Link®-compliant, universal analog IO reference design uses the MAX22515 IO-...
MAXREFDES1256: 49W DC-DC Flyback Converter Using MAX17597
The MAXREFDES1256 is an isolated power supply capable of delivering 7V at up to 7A load current.
MAXREFDES1233: 1.8V/10A Core Power Supply for CPUs, Microcontrollers, FPGAs, or DDR2 Interfaces Using the MAX20710
The MAXREFDES1233 provides the internal core voltage (VCCINT) for CPUs, microcontrollers, FPGAs,...
MAXREFDES1238: Scalable, Single Input, 6 Output, Power Solution for the Versal ACAP Platform
In this design a single 12V input supplies a circuit which outputs 6 separate rails ranging from...
MAXREFDES103#: Wrist-Based SpO2, HR, and HRV Health Sensor Platform
The MAXREFDES103# is a full wrist-worn wearable reference design for heart-rate, heart-rate vari...