Digital Power

Maxim digital power products are highly efficient DC-regulators that provide extensive power monitoring, sequencing, and fault management capabilities through a PMBus interface. These digitally managed power solutions enable efficient designs in terms of both power and footprint.

Digital Power Ecosystem

Maxim’s digital power solutions are supported with documentation, evaluation kits, EE-Sim design support, and the PowerTool software. The easy to use PowerTool software utilizes dozens of PMBus commands to monitor and control our digital power products.

To access the documentation, EE-Sim link, or evaluation kit for a specific digital power product, use the links below.

InTune Digital Control Loop

InTune digital power technology is based on "state-space" or "model-predictive" control, rather than proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control used by competitors. Its automatic compensation routine is based on measured parameters, and results in a switching power supply that achieves high dynamic performance while guaranteeing stability. This technology also enables several proprietary algorithms that optimize efficiency over a wide range of operating conditions.

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Multiphase Chipset

Our high density, multiphase solutions utilize a two-chip architecture to deliver exceptional efficiency and transient response across the full load range. Both chips integrate extensive digital monitoring and management, including protection circuits for overtemperature and overcurrent, VX short, and UVLO faults. The master includes an analog control loop that minimizes output ripple, making this solution an excellent choice for high-speed FPGA transceivers and other noise sensitive loads.

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