Switching Regulators for Industrial Applications

Industrial power applications usually require high input voltage. Standard voltage rails are 10V, 24V, and 48V. The DC-DC step-down (buck) switching regulators and controllers presented here support these rails and provide the solid, reliable performance needed for environments subject to noise, power surges, and outages.

High-Voltage Supply Rails; Low Power

These DC-DC step-down (buck) switching regulator ICs are perfect for industrial applications that have 48V, 24V, and 10V input rails and provide up to 2.5A of output current.
Industrial Regulators, Step-Down from 60V; Up to 5A Output 
View typical application circuits for all industrial regulators; step-down from 60V; up to 3.5A output ›

High-Voltage Supply Rails; Medium Power

These are switching controllers, so they don't have an integrated switch. They are specified for high-input voltage, support industrial power rails, and provide output currents of up to 10A.
Industrial Controllers, Step-Down from 48V; Up to 25A Output 

High Voltage; Isolated

The switching regulator circuits contained in this group are designed for use in industrial applications that require isolation between input and outputs.
Industrial Regulators, Step-Down for Isolated or Offline Power Applications 

Need a low-power isolated-power solution?

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