Virtex UltraScale FPGA VCU108 Power Solution

Virtex® Ultrascale FPGAs are high-end devices ideal for applications ranging from 400G networking to large scale ASIC prototyping and emulation. These FPGAs require a sophisticated power solution.  The solution presented below is certified by Xilinx and is the power solution for the Xilinx VCU108 evaluation board.

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Dual USB UART MicroSD Connector System Controller System Enable SYS_1V0 SYS_2V5 SYS_1V8 MGTVCCAUX SYS_5V0 Sequencer MGTAVTT MGTAVCC VCCINT

Power Solution IC BOM

Master/Slave Chipset:
MAX20751 (3)
VT1697 (5)
Multiphase Master with PMBus Interface in combination with multiple Smart Slave buck regulators.

Switching Regulators:
MAX17502 (1)
MAX15053 (2)

Linear Regulators:
MAX8869 (1)
MAX15027 (1)

Part Number Description EV Kit
MAX15053 Current-Mode Synchronous, Step-Down Switching Regulator MAX15053EVKIT
MAX6816 CMOS Switch Debouncers  
MAX20751 Multiphase Master with PMBus Interface and Internal Buck Converter MAX20751S1VKIT
MAX8869E 1A, Microcap, Low-Dropout, Linear Regulator  
MAX17502 60V, 1A, Ultra-Small, High-Efficiency, Synchronous Step-Down DC-DC Converter  
MAX15027 1.425V to 3.6V Input, 1A Low-Dropout Regulators with BIAS Input  
VT1697SB Smart Slave IC with Integrated Current and Temperature Sensors  
MAX16050/MAX16052 Adjustable Sequencing/Supervisory Circuits  
MAXPOWERTOOL002 USB-to-PMBus Interface Dongle for Power Products  
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