Switching Regulators for Automotive Applications

Automotive environments present a challenge for IC voltage regulators. The environment faces a very wide temperature range and also produces high levels of input transients and interference. In addition, a power supply must be able to survive load-dump transients, though this battery-related phenomenon is usually handled by separate circuitry (suppressors, clamps, overvoltage protectors). All of the switching regulators and LED display drivers presented below are either AEC-Q100 qualified or currently in the qualification process.

Note: Even though these products are designed for automotive applications, they can also be used in other designs. Automotive products generally offer very high input voltages and thus are good choices for industrial applications.

Infotainment, Instrumentation, General Purpose

While most automotive applications run from a 12V battery, most regulators that are directly attached to the battery power mains are rated for 28VDC to 40VDC to handle transients that get through the surge and overvoltage protectors. Downstream regulators that are not directly attached to the battery do not need the high voltage input specification. There are numerous applications for LDO regulators within an automotive environment, as they are fed by the output of a switching regulator for cleaner power in a transient-infested environment.
Step-Down Switching Regulators, Automotive Applications 
Step-Up Switching Regulators, Automotive Applications 

LED Lighting: Exterior, Interior, Display

Exterior automotive lighting applications include headlights, taillights, rear combination lights (RCL), and daytime running lights (DRL). In addition, many interior lighting applications exist, including general purpose interior lighting, dashboard lighting, and display backlighting. Maxim supplies industry-leading AEC-Q100 qualified switching regulators (SEPIC, buck/boost, step-up/step-down) specifically for these lighting designs.
AEC-Q100 LED Driver ICs, Exterior Applications (headlight, RCL, DRL) 
AEC-Q100 LED drivers ICs, Interior Applications (interior lighting, display backlighting) 

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