Switching Regulator Applications

We manufacture a wide range of switching regulators for many applications. The pages listed below detail the complexities of various applications and offer relevant products. A complete list of Maxim switching regulators and controllers is available from our parametric tree.

Switching Regulators for FPGA Power

Today's FPGA chips are powerful and power hungry. In addition, they have a complex power supply requirement. Maxim PMICs have the rails and capacity to power today's most powerful FPGAs.
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Switching Regulators for Battery-Powered Applications

Your handheld battery-powered design needs to be able to use all of the power from its battery. Maxim's step-up/step-down converters for battery applications will meet your needs.
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Switching Regulators for Automotive Applications

LEDs are making serious inroads into automotive lighting, including headlights, taillights, dashboards, and interior lighting.
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Switching Regulators for Industrial Applications

Industrial switching regulators and controllers must work with standard industrial voltage inputs. This category of regulators and controllers feature VIN from 70V to 20V to support standard industrial rails of 48V and 24V.
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