48V Rack Power Distribution

Dramatically Reduce Power Loss and Increase Power Density

Power delivery efficiency in data center equipment is at an inflection point. As cloud service power levels increase to support higher-performance processor and memory requirements, data center operators are striving for a power usage effectiveness (PUE) close to 1.00. With a PUE of 1.00 there would be no power loss, so all the energy would be used for computing. The most efficient data centers top out at a PUE of 1.1. Thus, the next level of IT infrastructure optimization is to reduce conversion stages and its associated losses.

Two-stage power conversion (48V-to-12V-to-load) is a common architecture to implement for powering CPUs, ASICs, SoCs, GPUs, FPGAs, and memory from 48V. However, the efficiency of the two-stage architecture is limited by several factors, including losses due to multi-stage distribution and voltage conversion. As a result, the efficiency for two-stage architectures has peaked at about 90%.

Our state-of-the-art, scalable, 48V direct conversion solution breaks this efficiency, density and transient performance barrier by performing a single-stage conversion (48V-to-load) using integrated power and magnetics. 48V direct-to-load conversion eliminates one power conversion stage and, in rack implementations, reduces distribution power loss by a factor of 16 over 12V architectures.

Key features and benefits of our 48V direct power conversion solution include:

  • Highest available distribution and conversion efficiency resulting in a lower PUE and reduced rack power consumption
  • Integrated power and magnetics provides the best transient performance
  • Scalable architecture provides flexibility in tuning system for power, efficiency, and cost

Applications supported:

  • DDR3 and DDR4 Memory
  • Microprocessors, SoC, ASIC, FPGA, and GPU
  • Intel VR13

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