Maxim offers a wide range of small, low-power µP supervisors with highly accurate voltage monitoring, specified for both industrial as well as automotive industries.

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  • EE-Sim: Design and Simulate
  • Reference Designs

    Reference Design for a Class D, 2.1-Channel, Audio Amplifier for an MP3 Docking Station

    This reference design demonstrates the MAX98400 Class D audio amplifier in a stereo audio dockin...

    Modern Thermocouples and a High-Resolution Delta-Sigma ADC Enable High-Precision Temperature Measurement

    Article discusses high-performance temperature measurement using standardized thermocouples and ...

    Boost Backlight LED Driver

    A LED display backlight driver using a boost switching power supply and linear current sinks for...

    Circuit Enables Single NiMH Cell to Simulate a Lithium Battery

    Circuit enables single NiMH cell to simulate lithium battery

    Handy Circuit Gives Systems Flexible Fault Protection

    Application circuit shows a simple method for protecting system against fault condition when boa...

    Overcurrent Monitor Operates up to 26V

    This circuit provides overcurrent protection for supply-rail voltages to +26V.