Precision Shunt Regulators with Reset in SOT23-3

Industry's Only Shunt Regulator + Reset in SOT Package

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The MAX6330/MAX6331 combine a precision shunt regulator with a power-on reset function in a single SOT23-3 package. They offer a low-cost method of operating small microprocessor (µP)-based systems from high-voltage sources, while simultaneously protecting µPs from power-up, power-down, and brownout conditions.

Both active-low (MAX6330) and active-high (MAX6331) push/pull output versions are available. The output voltage has ±1.5% tolerance. The MAX6330/MAX6331 operate over a wide shunt current range from 100µA to 50mA, and offer very good transient immunity.

A 3-pin SOT23 package allows for a significant reduction in board space and improves reliability compared to multiple-IC/discrete solutions. These devices have a minimum order increment of 2,500 pieces.
MAX6330, MAX6331: Typical Operating Circuit MAX6330, MAX6331: Typical Operating Circuit Enlarge+

Key Features

  • 100µA to 50mA Shunt Current Range
  • Low Cost
  • 3-Pin SOT23 Package
  • ±1.5% Tolerance on Output Voltage
  • Three Shunt Voltages Available: 5V, 3.3V, 3.0V
  • Precision Power-On Reset Threshold:
    • 1.5% Tolerance Available with Either
    • RESET (MAX6331) or active-low RESET (MAX6330) Outputs
  • 140ms Reset Timeout Period-No External Components Required


  • Controllers
  • Critical µP and µC Power Monitoring
  • Household Appliances
  • Intelligent Instruments
  • Portable/Size-Sensitive Equipment

Technical Documents

App Note 1156 Low-Cost AC Supply
Request Reliability Report for: MAX6330 
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