Automotive ASIL-D 7-Channel Power-System Monitor

Industry's Only Auto-Qualified, ASIL-D Power-System Monitor with Challenge/Response Watchdog

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The MAX20480 is a complete ASIL-compliant SoC power-system monitor with up to seven voltage monitor inputs. Each input has programmable OV/UV thresholds of between 2.5% and 10% with ±1% accuracy. Two of the inputs have a separate remote ground-sense input and support DVS through the integrated I2C interface.

The MAX20480 contains a programmable flexible power sequence recorder (FPSR). This recorder stores power-up and power-down timestamps separately, and supports on/off and sleep/standby power sequences. The MAX20480 also contains a programmable challenge/response watchdog, which is accessible through the I2C interface, along with a configurable active-low RESET output.

The MAX20480 improves reliability while significantly reducing system size and component count, compared to separate ICs or discrete components. The MAX20480 meets ASIL-D reliability when used with a supervisory controller. The device is designed to operate over the ambient temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.

Key Features

  • Small Solution
    • 2.35V to 5.50V Operating Supply Voltage
    • Only One External Component Required
    • 150µA Operating Current
    • 8µA Power-Down Mode
  • High Precision
    • Selectable 102.5% to 110% OV Monitors
    • Selectable 97.5% to 90% UV Monitors
    • ±1% Accuracy
    • 0.5% Step Size
    • ASIL-D Compliance
  • Highly Integrated
    • Five Fixed-Voltage Monitoring Inputs
    • Two Differential DVS Tracking-Voltage Monitoring Inputs with Remote-Ground Sense
    • Power-Sequencing Recording
    • Simple or Challenge/Response Windowed Watchdog
    • Fault Recording
    • CRC on I2C Interface
    • Programmable I2C Address
    • OTP Configuration with Error-Correcting Code and Reload Functionality
    • Programmable Active-Low RESET Pin
  • 16-Pin Side-Wettable TQFN with Exposed Pad (3mm x 3mm)
  • AEC-Q100 Qualified
  • -40°C to +125°C Operating Temperature


  • ADAS
  • Autonomous Driving Processing Systems
  • Power System Supervision and MCU/SoC Monitoring
  • Remote Sensor Modules

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