nanoPower Pushbutton On/Off Controller and Battery Freshness Seal

The MAX16150 is a pushbutton on/off controller with a switch de-bouncer and built-in latch.

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The MAX16150A/MAX16150B are extremely low-power, pushbutton, on/off controllers with a switch debouncer and built-in latch. These devices accept a noisy input from a mechanical switch and produce a clean, latched output, as well as a one-shot interrupt output, in response to a switch closure exceeding the debounce period at active-low PB_IN. The MAX16150A de-asserts the latched output when the switch closure period exceeds the shutdown period, while the MAX16150B does not de-assert the latched output in response to switch closure. For the MAX16150B, a longer switch closure results in a longer interrupt signal.

The MAX16150A/MAX16150B operate from a supply range of +1.3V to +5.5V and consume less than 20nA of supply current to ensure minimal battery drain in low-pow-er applications, as well as to allow use as a battery "fresh- ness seal". The robust switch input (active-low PB_IN) accepts up to ±60V levels and is ±15kV ESD-protected for use in harsh environments. The latched output can serve as a logic signal to control a regulator, or it can serve as a switch to connect the load directly to the power supply when load current is low, providing 20mA of output current with less than 100mV voltage drop. A separate active-low INT output provides a system interrupt whenever a valid pushbutton signal is detected. An asynchronous active-low CLR input allows an external signal to force the latched output to the off state.

The MAX16150A and MAX16150B operate over the -40°C to +125°C temperature range are available in a 1mm x 1.5mm, 6-bump wafer-level package (WLP) and a 6-pin thin SOT-23 package.

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Key Features

  • Low Power
    • 20nA (Max) Standby Current
  • Debounces Noisy Switches
    • 50ms and 2s Debounce Timing Options
    • 8s and 16s Shutdown Timing Periods
  • Latched Output Supplies 20mA Load Current With Less Than 100mV Drop
  • One-Shot Active-Low INT Output on Each Switch Closure
  • 32ms Active-Low INT Duration
  • Pushbutton Input Handles Up to ±60V
  • ±15kV HBM ESD Protection
  • SOT23-6 and 1mm x 1.5mm, 6-bump WLPs


  • Disposable Low-Power Electronics
  • Handheld Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Portable Instruments
Part NumberSupervisor FeaturesPackage/Pins
MAX16150 NEW!Pushbutton On/Off COntroller Batter Seal Debouncer
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Part NumberSwitch InputsEdge TriggeredFunctionsOutput PolarityOutput TypeSwitch Inputs
ESD Protect.
Oper. Temp.
MAX16150 NEW!1Falling Edge
ON/OFF Controller
Active HighPush-Pull±60150.02-40 to +125
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Quality and Environmental Data

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  • MAX16150BWT+T
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