Personal Computer Power FET

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The DS1640 contains four P-channel power MOS FETs designed as switches to conserve power in personal computer systems. When connected to power management control units, power consumers like disk drives or display panel backlights can be shut down to conserve battery or main power supply energy. The individually controlled P-channel power MOS FETs can handle 300mA each continuously with less than 0.2 volts drop from input to output. The DS1640 requires a +3V to +5V power supply input to power internal logic and to operate a gate bias generator.

Key Features

  • Four P channel power FET switches, each supplying >300mA @ 0.2V drop
  • Controlled directly from CMOS or TTL level signals
  • Switching time <10µs at rated supply current
  • Positive logic signal turns each FET on
  • Ground or low-level signal turns each FET off
  • <50nA of current flow in off condition
  • Low control gate capacitance of <5pF
  • FET gates can either follow inputs or be latched
  • Power supply range: +3V to +5V
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