Afterburner Chip

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The DS1336 Afterburner Chip provides multiple power switching paths in battery-backed applications such as networked SRAMs. The chip's power inputs are designed to connect directly with power-fail or power-warning outputs from Dallas MicroManagers: the DS1236, DS1239, DS5001, or DS5340, which monitor software and system power in microprocessor-based systems. When a power-fail input becomes inactive, the DS1336 automatically switches from battery power back to Vcc. The DS1336 can also be configured to gradually switch from system to battery power while system power is still the greater power source. The five Vcc switches and two battery switches can be wired individually or in parallel.

The DS1336 is unique in performing heavy-duty switching with minimum power loss from the switch itself, with a low on-impedance of 0.7Ω.

Key Features

  • Five separate Vcc switches handle up to 1.5A between 3.0Vand 5.0V
  • Two battery switches direct power for battery backed systems
  • Very low on-impedance of 0.7Ω
  • Battery backup current of 4mA
  • Battery path is diode-isolated, with low voltage drop
  • Maintains steady power supply in battery-backed network of SRAMs
  • Operating range: 0°C to 70°C
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