Nonvolatile Controller X 8 Chip

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The DS1211 Nonvolatile Controller x8 Chip performs five circuit functions required to render standard CMOS RAM nonvolatile:

  • Monitor Vcc using a precise comparator that detects power-fail and inhibits chip-enable
  • Monitor battery status and warn the processor of low status
  • Switch power between a battery and Vcc, whichever is greater
  • Write-protect data
  • Provide for automatically switching between two batteries Power-fail detection occurs in the range of 4.75V to 4.5V with the tolerance Pin 3 grounded. If Pin 3 in connected to Vcco, then power-fail detection occurs in the range of 4.5 volts to 4.25 volts.

    By combining the DS1211 nonvolatile controller/decoder chip and lithium batteries, nonvolatile RAM operation can be achieved for up to eight CMOS memories.
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    Key Features

    • Controller circuitry with monitoring and logic functions to make CMOS RAM nonvolatile
    • Controls up to 8 memories
    • Monitors Vcc and write-protects when out of tolerance
    • Consumes less than 100nA battery current
    • Tests battery condition on power-up
    • Supports redundant batteries
    • Thermal operating ranges:
      • DS1211: 0°C to +70°C
      • DS1211-IND: -40° to +85°C
    • Voltage/tolerances: 5V ±5% or ±10%

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