Power Sequencer, Voltage Supervisor & Voltage Monitors

Voltage supervisors monitor the supply voltages of a microprocessor-based system to ensure that the system starts up properly every time, that system errors are detected and and minimized, and that the system returns safely from an error with little or no user intervention. Power supply sequencers enable/disable the power supplies in order at power-up and power-down. Voltage monitors continuously check the power-supply output voltages and currents for over and under threshold levels. If a fault is detected, the supervisory IC automatically shuts down the system in an orderly fashion.

We offer the broadest selection of supervisory solutions, including watchdog timers, multi-voltage monitors, voltage trackers, power supply sequencers, reset ICs and pushbutton controllers/debouncers. Our voltage supervisors, power supply sequencers and voltage monitors are ideal for industrial and automotive applications, portable equipment and network servers. Voltage supervisory solutions ensure robust operation of any application without the need for additional firmware or software. Additional industry-leading features include:

  • Multiple programming options that offer functionality, integration and flexibity to your designs
  • Options for long startup delays to minimize startup current requirements
  • Capability to simultaneously manage over a dozen system voltages

Power Sequencers, Voltage Supervisers and Voltage Monitors

Low-Voltage, Precision, Triple-Voltage μP Supervisor


±1% accurate three-channel supervisor in small SOT23 monitors up to 4 system-supply voltages for undervoltage and overvoltage faults.

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Load-Dump/Reverse-Voltage Protection Circuit


Protects power-supply inputs from automotive voltage transients, including load dump in a 12-pin TQFN.

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125nA µP Supervisor with Capacitor-Adjustable Reset


Ultra-low-power supervisory circuit has capacitor-adjustable reset and watchdog timeouts to enable unique power-saving schemes.

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