Voltage supervisors monitor the supply voltages of a microprocessor-based system to ensure that the system starts up properly every time, that system errors are detected and and minimized, and that the system returns safely from an error with little or no user intervention. Power supply sequencers enable/disable the power supplies in order at power-up and power-down. Voltage monitors continuously check the power-supply output voltages and currents for over and under threshold levels. If a fault is detected, the supervisory IC automatically shuts down the system in an orderly fashion.

Sequencers and Voltage Trackers

Power supply sequencing and voltage tracking ICs control power-up and power-down sequencing.

Battery-Backup ICs

Supervisor ICs with battery backup management and memory-write protection.

Regulators with Integrated Reset

Linear low dropout voltage regulators with integrated reset circuits.

Multivoltage Monitors

Monitor up to eight voltages with one device with industry-leading accuracy specifications.

Watchdog Timers

Watchdog timers monitor and minimize code execution errors in microcontroller designs. Get the watchdog timer circuits solutions from Maxim Integrated.

Voltage Detectors and Battery Monitors

Voltage detector and battery monitor ICs addressing low power and current, extreme temperature, and high voltage applications.

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Technical Documentation

Technical Documents

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