-100V, SOT23/TDFN, Simple Swapper Hot-Swap Controllers

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The MAX5900/MAX5901 are SOT23/TDFN hot-swap controllers that allow a circuit card to be safely hot-plugged into a live backplane without causing a glitch on the power-supply rail. These devices operate from -9V to -100V and provide the simplest hot-swap solution by eliminating all external components except an external n-channel MOSFET.

The MAX5900/MAX5901 limit the inrush current to the load and provide a circuit-breaker function for overcurrent protection. During startup, the circuit-breaker function is disabled and the MAX5900/MAX5901 limit the inrush current by gradually turning on the external MOSFET. Once the external MOSFET is fully enhanced, the circuit-breaker function is enabled and the MAX5900/MAX5901 provide overcurrent protection by monitoring the voltage drop across the external MOSFET's on-resistance.

The MAX5900/MAX5901 include an undervoltage lockout (UVLO) function, ON/active-low OFF control input, and a powergood status output, active-low PGOOD (MAX5900) or PGOOD (MAX5901). A built-in thermal shutdown feature is also included to protect the external MOSFET in case of overheating.

The MAX5900/MAX5901 offer latched or autoretry fault management and are available with 200mV, 300mV, or 400mV circuit-breaker thresholds. Both the MAX5900 and MAX5901 are available in small SOT23 and TDFN packages, and are specified for the extended -40°C to +85°C temperature range. For specific ordering information see the Selector Guide at the end of the data sheet.
MAX5900, MAX5901: Typical Operating Circuit MAX5900, MAX5901: Typical Operating Circuit Enlarge+

Key Features

  • Wide -9V to -100V Operation
  • Requires No External Sense Resistor
  • Drives External N-Channel MOSFET
  • Limits Inrush Current
  • Circuit-Breaker Function
  • Less than 1mA Quiescent Current
  • ON/Active-Low OFF Input Permits Load Power-Supply Control and Sequencing
  • Adjustable Undervoltage Lockout
  • Power-Good Output with 100V Rating
  • Latching or Automatic Retry Fault Management
  • Thermal Shutdown Helps Protect the External MOSFET
  • Space-Saving 6-Pin SOT23 and TDFN Packages


  • Base-Station Line Cards
  • Network Hubs, Switches, Routers
  • Servers
  • Telecom Line Cards
Part NumberVIN
Circuit Breaker/ Current LimitCircuit Breaker/Current Limit Threshold
Fault Condition ControlChannelsPositive/Negative RailFeaturesPackage/PinsBudgetary
minmaxSee Notes
MAX5900 -9-100Circuit Breaker200 to 400
Latched Off
Periodic Retry
1NegativeRequires No RSENSE
$2.06 @1k
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