Our power supply reference designs are proven circuits built to support common application parameters. Each design has been built and performance tested and comes with comprehensive, standardized documentation, including: detailed design note, verification test results, schematic, bill of materials, and PCB artwork.

But, wait, there’s more! You can now further reduce your circuit design time thanks to new reference designs available in any of 7 popular CAD formats, including

  • Altium
  • Cadence Allegro Design Entry
  • DesignSpark
  • DesignSpark
  • KiCaD
  • Mentor DxDesigner
  • OrCAD

Download the design directly into your preferred CAD design environment and move on to more valuable design work. Simulation models are even available for some of our reference designs, plus a free version of the EE-Sim® OASIS Simulation Tool to simulate your circuit.

Whether you use the file set as is, or want to first tweak the design to fit your specific needs, you’ll significantly reduce development risks while accelerating time-to-market for your designs.

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Power Reference Design Selector

Title Maxim Device Input Type VIN (MIN) (V) VIN (MAX) (V) IOUT (A) Single/Multiple Output VOUT (V) POUT (W) Isolated/Non-Isolated Topology CAD Download
PoE Powered Device and 12V/600mA No-Opto Flyback DC-DC Converter
Using MAX17690 and MAX5969B
DC 30 60 0.6 Single 12 7.2 Isolated FlybackDownload
Miniature, 5V/2A, Synchronous, No-Opto Flyback DC-DC Converter with 90.4% Efficiency
Using MAX17690 and MAX17606
DC 18 60 2 Single 5 10 Isolated FlybackDownload
24V/2A, Active Clamp Forward DC-DC Converter
Using MAX17599
MAX17599 DC 18 36 2 Single 24.24 48 Isolated Active Clamp ForwardDownload
7.5W 3.3V Offline Flyback Converter
Using MAX17595
MAX17595, MAX17606 AC 176 284 2.27 Single 3.3 7.5 Isolated FlybackDownload
24W DC-DC Flyback Converter
Using MAX17596
MAX17596 DC 17 36 1 Single 24 24 Isolated FlybackDownload
Ultra miniature Two Layer 4A, 1.8V Step-Down DC-DC Converter with Integrated Switches
Using MAX15051
MAX15051 DC 3 3.6 4 Single 1.8 7.2 Non-Isolated Synchronouse BuckDownload
5V/2.5A, Synchronous, No-Opto Isolated PoE DC-DC Converter
Using MAX17690, MAX17606, MAX5969A
MAX17690, MAX17606, MAX5969A DC 37 57 2.5 Single 5 12.8 Isolated FlybackDownload
High-Efficiency Power Supply for TVs
Using MAX17506
MAX17506 DC 11.5 28 5 Single 5 25 Non-Isolated Synchronous BuckDownload
Boost, Single-Output, DC-DC Converter, 1V to 3.3V Input, 13.5V/6mA Output
Using MAX1606
MAX1606 DC 1 3.3 0.006 Single 13.5 0.081 Non-Isolated BoostDownload