Low-power PMICs provide optimized power management for space-constrained applications such as wearables, hearables, sensors, and IoT devices. Low operating current, high-efficiency power conversion, and compact form factors are critical for devices that run primarily on small batteries.

PMICs based on the single-inductor, multiple-output (SIMO) architecture use a single inductor as the energy-storage element for multiple, independent DC outputs. The use of fewer inductors can shrink power supply size as much as 50%. In addition, low quiescent current helps to extend the battery life of your space-constrained designs.

Wearable PMICs offer regulators with single-inductor topologies which maximize efficiency. Multiple ultra-low quiescent current regulators with optimal efficiency minimize overall power consumption and extend battery life. By integrating efficient regulation with battery charging, smart power control, and power-optimized peripherals, wearable PMICS provide many options to create space-optimized solutions for always-on battery-operated devices such as fitness monitors, hearables, smart watches, IoT, and wearable clinical devices.

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Benefits of SIMO Architecture
2:07 September 30, 2020

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